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#coloregraceletters annoucement I am pleased to announce that I have committed to a year long project in 2015. No, not a 365 day project, but 52 week project. Each Monday I will share some of my calligraphy and lettering with you through Instagram. My work will include a random mix of quotes, thoughts, or anything else I can imagine. Although this project will strictly happen on Mondays, I’m trying not to limit myself with many other specifics. In addition, each month I will include a special #coloregraceletters post with an object I’ve lettered on.

In November, I started to mull over this idea. I wanted to do a year long project but couldn’t quiet find the right subject yet. A 365 journal project? An everyday lettering project? Neither felt right. A few days before thanksgiving, I picked up a handful of leaves from outside my parents home in OKC and imagined white lettering on them. I let the leaves press flat in my Issue No. 9 Darling Magazine for the next few days. While journaling what I was thankful for, I knew this was exactly what needed to go on the leaves. Writing on them was more fun than I imagined and I shared my leaves here. Then, in December, I shared my lettering on gifts I was wrapping for my loved ones. Towards the end of December I knew my project was going to include my lettering on objects. So I grabbed a pen and jotted down a list of every month and came up with ideas for first 8 months of the year.

I think I’m a little too excited to share these ideas with you! Fingers crossed, my enthusiasm sticks with me as I complete this project. Now, onto practicing my calligraphy and finding more inspiration for the 51 posts to come!

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