Snocone I kicked off my 2014 in bed with the nasty flu, but the year has greatly made it up to me. After I got well, I wrote about my 2014 ideas here. Call me crazy, but I feel confident in saying I think I nailed it. The top generalized goals were to travel more (so I moved to Austin), sell at least 20 products (so I did at Sara Kate Studios), and to say YES to experiences and opportunities (and oh man, did I do just that.) I look at 2014 with giant hearts in my eyes because it has been such a splendid year, and I’d like to share my favorite highlights now.

I love my tote cg for SKS

My favorite blog posts

Colore Grace graduation Work Hard and be Nice

My favorite moments

  • I was lucky to learn calligraphy from the wonderful Lauren Essl, and make a friend in class who is now my boyfriend, B.
  • I traveled to Austin for the first time and saw Ellie Goulding live.
  • I joined friends to cheer for B in the OKC Memorial run.
  • I graduated from college!
  • I was asked to not only move in with B, but to move with him to Austin, TX. We made the move in July and couldn’t be happier!
  • I made new friends in Austin that constantly keep me inspired and laughing.
  • I gained even more titanium in my legs with another surgery. (fingers crossed for no surgeries in 2015!)

Colore Grace read Darling

Things I recommend for 2015

  • Start reading Seth Godin daily!
  • Start and keep a journal, even if it’s not everyday or complete thoughts! In my pen-to-paper series I shared how I journal.
  • “Work hard and be nice to people,” which was some of the greatest advice I was given in 2014.
  • Pick up a Darling Magazine and soak in all of its beauty.
  • Listen to The Lively Show while you’re commuting or hanging around your home!
  • Constantly and humbly seek joy.
  • Follow adorable frenchie’s on Instagram. Even if you don’t plan on getting a dog, these faces ensure a smile.

Tonight I’ll not only be toasting the New Year, but celebrating all that I have achieved in 2014. The year was full of exciting changes and a healthy mix of big and little wins, and I’m so eager to enjoy 2015 the same way. I will be sharing more about what I’m looking forward to in 2015 tomorrow, but until then I hope we can all celebrate ourselves and our year.

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