Link list

lovelylinkjulyIt's my second week in Austin, and I'm happy to say I'm finally getting comfortable with driving around without having mini-panic attacks or GPS! I'm learning to tolerate and almost enjoy the crazy heat. And, I am loving all of the friendly people who constantly say to us, "Welcome to Austin". It makes me smile every time. Life is full of happy new inspiration for us! My head is spinning with all of the possiblities. Also, I've been really loving this large framed print I ordered from INK361! It's a photo I took when Bruce and I were leaving Oklahoma City to go to Austin for the first time last March for an Ellie Goulding concert! (what an amazing show!) While we were driving around, we day-dreamed about one day living here. Little did we know, the dream would become reality in a few short months! I ordered the print to surprise B when we moved in last week. We haven't quite decided on the perfect place to display it yet, but it's perfect nonetheless.

I wanted to share a list of a few other things I'm loving too!

  1. Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work by Austin Kleon, who happens to be an Austin local.
  2. Joy Cho's Keynote from Alt. Summit Summer 2014
  3. These desktop wallpapers by Victoria Macey.
  4. Listening to Beyonce Live and dancing while you work.
  5. This comfy Madewell dress on repeat.
  6. Looking for little details for our home, like this L.
  7. A new colorful clutch to take around Austin when we're trying new restaurants and food-trucks.  (P.S. last night we met some friends in east Austin at a food truck named East Side King in the backyard of Liberty Bar. I ate Thai Chicken Karaage, rice, and Beet fries. No joke, I ate beets.) 
  8. This AMAZING quote from Jen Gotch.
  9. Oh yeah, and this Pin too!
  10. Finally this EXTREMELY helpful post from House of Earnest about keeping hydrangeas looking beautiful.