2015-02-02-20150202-Capture0015 I find it extremely difficult to write anything that is fitting for the best man I know. The amount of love and care I share with him is immeasurable. A year ago, I was shy (and admittedly shaking) when I gave him his birthday card I had made the night before. The card was a simple gesture of friendship, but little did I know, I would be receiving a card on our first date several weeks later. Each day since, I've grown more smitten than the day before. Everyday I am excited to share in conversations about our interests, passions, wonders, fears, and day dreams (and silly singing duets and have dance-offs too) Every day I am proud of how strong, brilliant, and meaningful he is. And everyday we smile at each other with hearts in our eyes, never ceasing. Celebrating B this week will be the greatest joy, but it will not come close to expressing how much joy I am filled with to call him my best friend.

Happy 25th Birthday, B. I love you more.

(Oh yeah, and he puts up with my ideas like this thumbs up photo which is also really amazing.)