be intentional

intentionalproductivehappiness Phew! A few weeks have already gone by and I'm still buzzing about some great things I heard from the speakers at Alt for Everyone. In the past, I had taken a few Alt Summit online courses but I had always dreamed of experiencing a conference. About a month before this conference, I was lucky enough to get a ticket! HOORAY! Sitting down and focusing for three days throughout the sessions was the kick in the booty I needed to get back to work. Today I wanted to share some gems that helped motivate me.

Whitney English said, "Quit talking about it, or making a decision, and just do it". I would say within the past year I've talked about getting more serious with my blog and starting my online shop, but I wasn't taking the necessary actions to making those two things a reality. Now I'm happy to say I've started taking action and stacking up little wins. With each little success I gain more momentum toward my goals.

I also love her advice about picking a 'top 3' everyday. This means deciding what three tangible actions you are going to accomplish each day and making them happen. For me it is helpful to feel productive and build momentum each day. Some times I get stuck in the habit of doing things that are a waste of time, although enjoyable (like catching up on episodes of The Tonight Show), instead of putting that energy towards something that matters more to me in the long run (like drawing up new card ideas for my shop).

Hilary Rushford said, "Is it going to bring me more joy to do [blank] than rest? or brainstorm?"The past few weeks I've been trying to be more intentional about the way I'm spending my time. By being intentional I am able to get more things done and therefore I'm happier because I have work to show for each day.

Being intentional = being productive = my happiness.

Of course, I absolutely loved my last course of the weekend with my friend Kelly Beall of designcrush. She has always given me the best advice and I was so delighted to learn even more from her. This time her message of "embracing the unknown and trusting your gut," inspired me to get out of my own way. I get so stuck in my head with the fears of being unsuccessful or the fear of the unknown that I continue to think things over and over instead of just going for it! The most common advice I hear from fellow creatives is some form of, "Just do it" and, "Start before you're ready," but I always seem to forget this.

It's like I need the words "simply start" tattooed on my forearm! (Kidding mom and dad! It's an expression!)