'be still' download

coloregrace - a little extra grace- be still desktop downloadLately, I’ve been really tired. I’ve been jumping from one project to the next, exhausting myself, and never taking a break from working. While all of these projects bring me joy, the fewer hours of sleep and rest bring me to exhaustion tears and admittedly less interesting work. I finally accepted that I couldn’t keep working the same way I have been. I needed to ‘be still’. Resting doesn’t necessarily mean sleep to me; it means giving myself time to quiet my mind and not stress about any deadlines or projects or actions I should take. If you’re feeling a little scattered and exhausted like I have been, I hope you can be honest with yourself and seek the rest you need.

Today on Jojotastic I’m not only sharing this month’s desktop download ‘be still’, but a few of my favorite ways to rest too.

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