blog meet B

Blog meet B. B

I would like to take a second to introduce you to my boyfriend, Bruce.

A few months ago I met him when he came in to buy a new pack of Field Notes (specifically the Red Blooded pack) from Chirps & Cheers. All I remember was noticing him sharply dressed in a tie and blazer, Sami telling him about our then up-coming calligraphy class, and not speaking to him at all.

Fast forward several months, and our mutual love of pens and paper doesn’t even slighty cover our compatibility.

B is a calligrapher, a writer, a to-do list maker, a note-taker, and a self-declared pen-addict. He is a photographer, a traveler, and an excellent brunch, lunch, and dinner date. He is a swimmer, runner, and cyclist. (He has been training to run the half marathon this Sunday. I can’t wait to go cheer him on! GO B!) B raps, sings, drums, and dances with me. He is a gin drinker, beer-lover, book-reader, and Vivid Colore lover. He is an iphone user, a nerd, a goofball, and a gentleman. B loves pineapples as much as I do. B is extremely well-traveled, well-spoken, and well dressed. He supports, inspires, encourages, challenges, and loves me.

We’ve already had many fun adventures together, but soon I’ll start sharing some here. Get ready for sno-cone dates, weekend roadtrips, art museums, polaroid dates, and many other big adventures.

I am so incredibly happy.

P.S. B is also my editor. Thanks for being a brilliant editor, B!