Calligraphy class 2

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Over the weekend, Chirps & Cheers was delighted to host a total of five more calligraphy classes taught by Lauren Essl of Blue Eye Brown Eye. I took her beginner class a few weeks ago (which seems like yesterday) and I was thrilled to take class again! She began teaching classes on Friday afternoon and was a total rockstar until Sunday afternoon. Since I was working at the shop during most of the classes, I got to help her set up her adorable color coordinated supplies, clean up afterwards, and run a few errands for her too. I love getting to talk to Lauren in between classes, and getting to know her better. She's so humble and easy to talk to, meanwhile she's an natural teacher and talented artist/business owner!


After seeing many groups of excited students in their classes, by Sunday I was extremely ready for class. In her advanced classes Lauren teaches uppercase letters, numbers, mixing gouache for colored ink, and some technicalities for connecting letters. She set us up with another set of supplies to take home too! Side note: I really need to get some of these giant sticky-notes for my desk! & even though we weren't using black ink during class, she gave us some for extra practice! I was excited to get another oblique pen and a few new nibs too. I've been practicing so much that I've already gone through a nib!

hands(Here's a Instagram photo Lauren took of Bruce's and my hand while practicing. Please excuse my awkward practice letters!)

All of my fellow classmates had taken her beginner class last month, so when we got together again it was like picking up conversation where we left off. Our class was so much fun! We talked about blogging, bloggers, local restaurants (especially burgers, which then made everyone want a burger!), and a lot of other things I can't remember right now. At the end of class we discussed going out for burgers the next time Lauren's in town! How fun!

doubleAfter class, I asked Lauren about her journey into being a full time calligrapher and she gave me some tips on starting up. In the creative world its easy to view others as simply competition, but in my experience so far (not to  jinx myself) the creatives I've met have been so encouraging and willing to help each other. Lauren's biggest advice to me was simply this: Work hard and be nice to people. She also said to work my ass off, but for instagram purposes we went with this simpler message. When I meet people like Lauren, who have worked hard and get to do their dream job everyday it inspires me to work harder for what I want. Although I know it won't happen overnight and I'm going to be working long hours for awhile, I'm excited about following a dream no matter how silly or unrealistic it seems. Its sad that I'll have to get a "real job" after graduation, but I plan on taking my job as a blogger, crafter, and calligrapher just a serious as the "real job" & I'll be having fun while doing it! I'm so terrified and equally excited about the next few years of my life.

Next Thursday night we're hosting an open calligraphy night in the shop and I'm pretty excited to sit with friends while practicing my lettering instead of watching all seasons of 30 Rock for the third time in a row. ha!