wandering Austin

coloregrace- Austin Artifact Uprising adventurecoloregrace- Austin Artifact Uprising adventure

Time continues to fly by as B and I live in Austin. It seems like we’ve blinked and now we’ve lived here over 6 months, even more excited B and I are close to celebrating our one year of being a couple! Since living in Austin we’ve had the best time exploring our new home, however we noticed we had not explored a few quintessential Austin places yet. So we made a plan!

B and I dedicated1–2 days to explore Austin and document the day’s findings with photos. Then we printed our favorites as a Square Print Set from Artifact Uprising!

coloregrace- Austin Artifact Uprising adventure coloregrace- Austin Artifact Uprising adventure

On a rainy Saturday morning we grabbed coffee at one of our favorite local spots, Figure 8. We made a list of places we’ve wanted to go and places we’ve heard great things about, we even asked the baristas and people in line for their recommendations. At the end of the list, there were simply too many good Austin eats to try and not enough time or space in our stomachs to try them all so we focused more on sites. Unfortunately, all of the places were outdoors so our adventure was pushed back until Sunday. However, Sunday the sun was shining bright; our adventure day was finally here! We packed our camera, and sunglasses, and headed out the door for almost the entire day.

coloregrace- Austin Artifact Uprising adventure

Some of the Austin places we explored included:

  • ‘Greetings from Austin’ on Annie St.
  • ‘I love you so much’ street art at Jo’s on S. Congress.
  • Downtown and the Capitol building.
  • Castle Hill (The Hope Gallery).
  • Lady Bird Lake and Lamar pedestrian bridge
  • East Austin Succulents

coloregrace- Austin Artifact Uprising adventure

Narrowing the several hundred photos we shot down to our favorites took a little time, but we both had clear favorites. Once we decided on our the set the rest was easy through Artifact Uprising! Ordering our Square Print Set on the website was simple and quick. The prints are 5" squares with a small white border on semi-matte paper. We didn’t have to worry much about the color calibration of monitors, screens, or printers; the prints’ colors looks exactly as they do on our Macs and iPhone screens.

coloregrace- Austin Artifact Uprising adventure coloregrace- Austin Artifact Uprising adventure

Our prints are now hung by DIY gold color block clips in our home; I smile each time I catch a glimpse of them. Thankfully, B is fantastic and spaced out the whole grid evenly, so it doesn’t drive us both crazy.

Going on these little adventure will always be one of my favorite things to do with B. I’m lucky to spend these days, in a spectacular city, with my best friend.

coloregrace- Austin Artifact Uprising adventure

photography by Bruce Layman and Colore’ Lincoln

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Artifact Uprising. I received a product to review for this post, however all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I believe in and that keep Colore’ Grace abundant.

peeks into our home

coloregrace and Bs home B and I have officially lived together for six months. Time continues to fly by. And we both continue to be amazed at how happy we are here. It has been so fun learning to cook together (and I’ll add that we have been making excellent dinners for the last week), running errands on the weekends, constantly rearranging our furniture, and mixing up our growing print collection. Since it is our first home, it has been quiet the process to arrange our things exactly how we like them, add a few new pieces in, and declutter items we no longer need or use. In the future we hope to keep a minimal amount of things, however we will keep all of our art prints. Today I’m excited to share a small peek into our process of building a home at 6 months.

This corner is a recent favorite of ours. I’ve had this vintage green chair since I was young, and I’ve always loved it. We’ve enjoyed keeping a few succulents around to bring some life in, and occasionally we’ll bring home a few hydrangeas because they’re my favorite. Our two large prints were framed and hung last week. The left print is from a recent AIGA lecture we attended called Print Matters, and the right is A Visual Compendium of Cameras from Pop Chart Labs.

coloregrace and Bs coffee tablecoloregrace and Bs home little bar

Our oversized wooden coffee table serves us in more ways than one. We like to keep these books on the table to flip through, but they often get pushed aside for work, yummy food, and sometimes photos. Right across the coffee table, we have a tall bookshelf/entertainment center with a low shelf that serves as our bar. We like to keep Gin, Bourbon, and a Malbec or Cab Sav stocked up; the Vodka is simply there as a bar staple. The glass and gold leaf sign behind hung in the doctor’s office of B’s great-grandfather, he saved it from the recycling bin before the move.

coloregrace-2311-officecoloregrace and Bs home office

Finally, our office, which is actually the dining area in the floor plan, is where we spend the most time. About two months ago we bought our giant white desktop which gives each of us plenty of space to spread out all of the paper and pens we wish. Behind us we have shelves that allow us to rotate our prints around occassionally.

We are truly enjoying building our home in this apartment. It is ever-changing, evolving, and so much fun.

coloregrace at home

HAPPY FRIDAY + kitchen inspiration

kitcheninspiration Hello Hello! A quick apology for the silence for the last few weeks but I'm excited to report I'm now living in Austin, Texas! HOORAY! Bruce and I have lived in new our home for a week! I'm excited to report that it is slowly starting to look like a home (photos soon, I promise) and we now have amazing fast internet! This week has been crazy exhausting and fun as we've moved things around and tried our best to figure out a place for everything. At first my head was kind of spinning because I've never had an entire home to organize before! My biggest task for the moment is learning how to organize our kitchen. Bruce and I brought our few somewhat random kitchen items we had from college, but thankfully his parents have many extras we've been lucky enough to bring home. Everyday this week I have brought home more kitchen stuff from them. haha, Yikes! How the heck are you suppose to find the right flow of your kitchen?! For now we have put things away where we think it will work, but we know we'll probably move things around for it to make a little more sense. Thank goodness we are both big fans of efficient organization. Now that I have internet, I'm going to be searching for kitchen DIYs, organization tips, and inspiration. I love these two images and post from A Beautiful Mess (here are the links: image 1 and image 2). So I'm leaving you with a question:

Do you have an kitchen organization tips or tricks?

How did you find inspiration to organize and style your kitchen?

Anything will be appreciated!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm off to unpack another box. (phew, almost done.)

home decor dreamin'

homeatx1I am Pinning on a whole new level, people! In between working, blogging, updating my resume, applying for jobs, apartment hunting, going to every doctor I can before the move, getting my car fixed, cleaning, and everything else, I am daydreaming of our new lovely home. Thankfully we already have a lot of furniture and basic things, but I'm looking into a few little pieces to add into our decor. Needless to say, Pinterest and Houzz are my good friends for the new few months. Lately I've been dreaming about using mostly neutrals with pops of color and maybe a few patterns too. The dream of living in an apartment is filling with me with many different DIY project ideas too! Exciting things are happening!  These are a few of the items I have a little crush on:

  1. Large bulb Christmas lights to string above our patio.
  2. Bright yellow bar stools for two.
  3. Glitter favor bags. (which have inspired me to make DIY gold dot napkins!)
  4. A large L, for Lincoln and Layman.
  5. Copper mail inbox for our lovely snail-mail from Oklahoma.
  6. Grey ikea sofa.
  7. A patterned rug.

Happy weekend everyone!