common hobbies

coloregrace works best with B A great percentage of our nights at home consist of us hunched over with pens and paper scattered across our 78" white desktop. Of course working side by side is how B and I became friends almost a year ago (whoa), but I believe we thrive because of this common hobby. I feel so fortunate to have found a friend to not only work by my side, but also one who encourages me to grow. One of my favorite parts about this common ground is that we both know what it takes to succeed. We can bounce ideas off one another, collaborate ideas, or be inspired by each other. Its fun to share new instagram accounts we’ve found, discover different markers to try, or share all of the writing utensils we already have organized around the office (which is enough to completely cover said desktop).

I’ve thought a lot about how I enjoy sharing this hobby with B, and I’ve wondered about other couples who experience the same joy of being a creative team. I want to hear about their story with their hobby. You’ve already heard from the calligraphers-in-love, but I want to hear from the photographers, graphic designers, painters, musicians, and more! During the month of February, I’d love to share your ‘love of your hobby’ stories. So, I’d like to make this a SHOUT-OUT.

If you and your love share a common creative hobby, I want to hear from you!

  1. How did this hobby become part of your relationship?
  2. What is your favorite part about having this common ground?
  3. Is this something you enjoy weekly/monthly/yearly together?

If you’d like to tell me all about it, please answer these few question together, share a photo of the two of you working together, and email me at

I’m excited to hear from you!