I-love-my-Confidant A few months ago I started to think about which notebook I’d keep as my sidekick for 2015. As you may have read in my pen-to-paper series, I journal a lot. I love to keep pen and paper with me wherever I go to take notes, write ideas, write quick journal entries, or map out an idea for a blog post. I kicked around the idea of finding a new Compendium (the notebook I kept for the last half of 2014), or purchasing a Rhodia notebook or a large stack of Field Notes to fill. Since B is a pen and paper addict and knows of all the coolest companies, he introduced me to Baron Fig while I was searching for the next killer notebook for me.

My ideal notebook was bigger than Field Note size, bigger than the compendium I was carrying, but still small enough it could be kept in an oversized clutch, say to carry to coffee for a Saturday morning date if needed. I definitely wanted the paper to be a fine quality to handle a wide range of writing tools. I wanted paper with a dot grid to allow me to cleanly write a lot of text or sketch if needed. With all of these specific needs, I had very limited options. But when I started researching, (yes, I do a lot of research before I chose a new notebook), the Baron Fig Confidant was/is the perfect fit.

2015-01-04-BAL_0111 2015-01-04-BAL_0119

Last Friday, B and I were overjoyed to rip open a package from Baron Fig. Unboxing the Confidant was almost as fun as starting a new notebook. First, there was a personalized hand-written note from Adam, one of Baron Fig’s founders, on the inside of the package thanking us for the order. B ordered the standard light grey Confidant, but I ordered the Three Legged Juggler limited edition Confidant. The Juggler is a collaboration with The Half and Half. It’s beautiful, golden cover made me fall in love instantly, but when I discovered the message of the Three-legged juggler I knew it was meant to be — a tale of expectation, perception, and inner strength — the perfect journal to start my 2015. Another unexpected treat was reading the charming quotes along the outside of the box and reading the quirky poem about the three-legged juggler.


I’m happy to report that after a week of use I’m already filling pages with notes from reading and writing. The book lays flat so it is very easy to write on both sides of the spine. The paper is a nice off-white, but not too yellow like some of its competitors. The dot grid is fitting for my tiny clean print, or my admittedly sometimes messy half-print half-cursive handwriting. I tested all of the writing tools I keep around my desk and everything from the Hi-Tec C 0.3 to the regular sharpie worked perfect. The fine sharpie and regular sharpie is visible from the opposite side of the paper, but didn’t bleed through. I’m eager to carry this book with me through out the year, fill all 192 pages, and see where these notes will lead me.

Baron Fig’s mission “to champion thinkers in their journey to create and inspire the world.” Their story evolved from a group of three creative friends who dreamt of a comfortable notebook with a lot of space to work. Baron Fig started less than a year ago, and they’re already a hit! I love finding businesses like this with great products, methods, people, and an excellent purpose.