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creative couples - The Hurleys Recently I wrote about my fascination with couples who enjoy creative, common hobbies together. Often I’m over-joyed to be working side-by-side with B, whether we’re practicing calligraphy, writing, making photos, or learning in a class or lecture together. I marvel at how much fun we have together, but I know I’m not alone in experiencing such a joyful partnership. I want to hear about more creative power-couples and share your stories.

The first story I’m pleased to share is from my friend, Jessica, and her husband, Zach. I met Jessica my freshman year and not long after we became friends she started dating Zach. A few years later, I’ve never seen these two share a look without giant hearts in their eyes. Jessica and Zach are photographers-in-love.

Here is how Jessica and Zach enjoy their creative hobby together:

creative couples - The Hurleys

CG: How did this hobby become part of your relationship?

We both discovered photography before we ever even met. I started out with an interest in graphic design and photoshop in high school, and when I began taking photos to play around with different editing techniques, a love evolved for the connection between camera and subject. I couldn’t put down my camera after that moment, so I ended up getting a degree in Photographic Arts at the University of Central Oklahoma. Zach found his love of photography when his mom gave him a film camera to experiment with at a young age. He became fascinated with capturing interesting landscapes, unique objects, anything that piqued his interest.

When we started dating, photography naturally came up as something we enjoyed doing together. We’d take little adventures with our cameras in tow, and we loved every minute of it. As I started growing and building my photography business, I encouraged Zach to come along to different photo shoots and weddings. Not only did I enjoy the company, but I found that he took beautiful candid shots I knew a bride and groom would love. We haven’t stopped shooting together since!

creative couples - The Hurleys

CG: What is your favorite part about having this common ground?

There are two things that come to mind. First, I absolutely love all the time we can spend together. It’s not often a husband and wife can spend an entire work day side-by-side, and around incredibly happy people, no less. It’s something that makes me joyful and excited to go to work every day.

Second, I treasure the balance we have. In terms of developing the business, we each bring such a different set of skills to the table. Zach is a genius (not exaggerating), and can figure out just about anything we need to know, whether it’s how to accomplish a certain shot, which lens to purchase, how to fix a camera when I accidentally moved a dial and ruined everything (okay, that’s an exaggeration and was a fairly easy fix - but it required Zach’s calm nature and smarts to do so). Then I bring my experience and my extroverted, “people person” skills to the table. He can sit back while I gab with a bride’s mom or successfully organize a 50-person family photo. No matter what the shoot, session, or random adventure is, having Zach shoot alongside me is what makes photography so fun and perfect in my eyes.

CG: Is this something you enjoy weekly/monthly/yearly together?

In peak wedding season, we enjoy it weekly! We’ll spend the whole Saturday together - driving to a wedding, taking pictures for about 8–10 hours, rubbing our feet while driving back, taking a quick look at some of the images once we get home while simultaneously giving our dog loads of attention and love, and then passing out from exhaustion. Ha! Right now, it’s more of an “every few weeks” type of activity, mostly because it’s miserably cold and kind of ugly outside, in my humble opinion. Once we get to Spring, we’ll be running out the door with our cameras, anxious to take photos of everything and everyone in sight!

creative couples - The Hurleys

Thank you for your beautiful response Jessica and Zach! To view more of Jessica Nadine Photography, visit the website and be sure to like these cuties on Facebook!

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