DIY Colorblock Clips

Colorblock-Binder-ClipIn my room, I don't really have an overall color palette. I tend to just go with whatever I like and sometimes I get lucky when colors match up. Or as John points out I'm going through a purple phase, or green phase. Now, it's the GOLD phase.

I cannot get enough of gold accent pieces. Here's a short list of gold things I own and use daily: my Fossil watch, a thin ring, my Russel + Hazel planner, my big keychain, my purse has gold metal, my wallet has gold on it, I love a gold nail polish, gold sandals and flats... You name it. I'll take it in gold.

Two Christmas' ago I wanted, and was gifted from my Mom, a 12 piece set of these black frames from Target. I was getting so many photos printed, beginning to gather art prints and starting to frame greeting cards.  I got these frames, and have switched the photos and the layout several times but the collection of things I want to display has grown larger than just those 12 frames. I even started to just washi tape things up!

I've seen many people use push pins and binder clips to display their photos and art, and I thought to myself... GOLD. I could do GOLD binder clips. GENIUS! After researching the idea, I quickly realized I could buy gold binder clips. Wah wah. I could not stop laughing at myself and I felt sad I couldn't justify doing this project anymore. I thought about it for days, asked all of my friends and woke up Saturday morning desperate to find a way to pull off this DIY. Finally, my mom told me the truth "Everything has already been done.. you have to find your twist on the project." Then I got the idea: Today I'm sharing how to color block spray paint these binder clips!


Supply List:

  • binder clips (I did a combo of small and medium.)
  • spray paint (this is the one I used and I enjoyed it!)
  • tape (I used scotch masking tape because that is what I had)
  • cardboard boxes (tip: go to Starbucks and ask if you could have one of theirs! works like a charm!)
  • clear push pins


  1. Clip all of your binder clips over the edges of the box.
  2. Use tape to cover the section you want to remain black or white. Try straight lines or angles! Make sure your tape is completely pressed down on the clip, and be sure the edges of your tape are straight to make your painting more precise and clean looking.
  3. Use a large strip of tape to cover the outside metal part of the clip. Make sure any part of the clip you don't want painted is covered.
  4. Read the directions on your spray paint first, shake the can, and spray!
  5. Let it dry for the recommended amount, or longer if you're overly cautious like me. This spray took about 30 minutes to dry.
  6. Carefully remove the outside long strip of tape and the inside too. Then carefully remove the tape you used to do the designs.

& TA-DA! Fancy new gold color-blocked binder clips!

(After they have completely dried, you may notice some spots that need to be sprayed again or maybe the design didn't turn out as crisp as you hoped. Go ahead and try again. I had some that I went back and resprayed and I was glad I did!)


I took down all of my frames and various wabi-taped prints. Then used clear push pins and my new gold clips to hang a fresh looking little gallery! For this, I think it's best not to over think, or try to perfect, the arrangement. I started with my larger prints in the middle, and randomly placed all of my other things.

I will always love this photo of John and I, so I made sure it was in my view when I'm sitting at my desk. Just above the photo is a print, by Hammer Press-  a message I needed to read daily.

closepoutHere's another close up shot showing some of the solid gold clips. & The top right photo features little me with my parents at the St. Louis Zoo. You can tell it's me by the tie-dye shirt, the curly hair, and my pouty face! It's one of my favorite photos from my childhood.

I'm extremely pleased with my simple new gallery. I'm hoping to order some newer photo prints and I know I'll be collecting more prints! I was truly ecstatic about this project & I hope you enjoy it too! I'd be happy to answer any questions. If you make your own clips, please send me photos!