Friday Four

fridayfour1I've wanted to start a reoccurring post for awhile but could never figure out what was the best fit. This week I had an idea to feature four products I love on Fridays. Catchy right? I'll be doing my Friday Four every two weeks for now, and eventually every week. Once I'm past Christmas I'm already thinking of craft ideas and my outfit for Valentine's Day.  It's a fun holiday with an excellent color palette. I always love red and gold and it's the one time of year I allow myself to add in pink. I'm not typically a pink girl.  These four products are in the February color palette and are just little things to make me smile!

  1. Black & Gold heart iPhone 5 case. I love these cute cases! I got the white and red heart case last year and it's one of my favorites! Since I always have my iPhone in my hand, I love having a few different cases to switch between.
  2. Clare Vivier Foldover clutch, with black mini spots. I love all of the clutches from Clare Vivier, but this one is too adorable! Total dream clutch.
  3. Le Pen, black. Found at Hobby Lobby. I am a pen collector & I am a sucker for a fine tipped black pen. I came across this brand while working in the shop and was curious to try one out for myself. I love it so far, but I've been told that they run out of ink quickly. We'll see.
  4. Essie nail polish, color - geranium. The perfect red! i found mine at Target.

Those are this weeks favorites! I hope you have a great weekend!

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