Friday Four

Summer Friday FourIt's past 5, but I'm still eager to share these four favorites! Summer, and the fact that I'm moving to Austin, has me on the constant look out for as many breezy, colorful sundresses and cute sandals I can find. I'm pretty certain it will be my new daily uniform. In addition to summer clothing, I'm finding little treasures to decorate a new apartment.  Right now I'm so inspired by colorful patterns and extremely classic designs. I'm hoping to find a perfect balance between these two completely opposite styles. As I prep for Austin, I'm trying to learn the ways to shop the local vintage and boho shops too! I'm excited by how expressive Austin fashion is. My kind of weird will fit in but hopefully stand out at the same time. Here are the links for the following products I have on my wishlist. The framed Pineapple Print by Ez Pudewa because B and I LOVe our pineapples.

The 'Success Is Not for the Lazy' Mug from The Everygirl to keep up my motivation.

This lovely summer Madewell shiftdress.

New sandals I could wear daily to match any outfit from Stylemint.

Enjoy your weekend!