Friday Four

fridayfour10/17 We’re half way through October and I am super thankful to report that Austin’s weather has been a little breezier than normal this week. (insert praying hands emoji here) Despite living in Oklahoma my entire life, which was still pretty hot, I learned I favor cold weather. Growing up, my family would take trips during the holidays to visit my two aunts who lived north of us; Aunt Linda lives in Glenview, IL, a suburb of Chicago, and Aunt Marlene lived in a small town in Wisconsin.

These experiences enriched my life in numerous ways. Being close to these relatives inspired me. I developed a constant travel-bug spirit. I learned to shop in busy holiday-season downtown Chicago and discovered my love of fashion. And, sometimes J-walking is okay. But these road-trips also instilled my love for cold weather at an early age.

Admittedly there are two things I hate about winter: winter coats, because no matter what shape or size, they engulf my petite frame, and driving in snow and ice because it gives me hardcore anxiety. Nevertheless, I will always be happier when the temperature is 80 degrees or below. I’ve always said, “I can always layer more clothes on, than take off.”

Since Austin is finally experiencing some fall-like breezes, I’d like to share some accessories I’m excited to add into my mix this season.

scarf | sunglasses | bangle | boots

It feels so great to be back into a regular blogging routine. I’ve been hustling harder than ever and fully committing to create solid content for my readers. If you ever have topics or ideas you’d like to see more of, please don’t hesitate to email me here!

Happy Friday!