grace notes

IMG_7946.JPGAs we prep for Christmas this Thursday, I’m thankful to be taking a second to catch up on my reading and to be sharing some articles and links with you this Sunday.

  • I’ll start by saying how obsessed I am with this crazy adorable frenchie Instagram account- @barkleysircharles.
  • @jojotastic: my feelings need to talk to a burrito STAT.
  • @jcrew_help’s response to my tweet about needing petite sizes in stores: “@coloregrace No plans at this time but will of course share your feedback with the team - we’re always reviewing.” I hope this changes some day soon.
  • “Go all the way with it. Do not back off. For once, go all the goddamn way with what matters.” — Ernest Hemingway
  • This quote about drinking coffee and working hard.
  • I signed up for a subscription to Skimm this week. It’s a daily email that gives summaries of the big news stories happening in the world. I’ve really enjoyed adding it into my morning routine while I sip my coffee.
  • “Write the pages no one sees,” from Jon Acuff’s article titled ‘1 surprising lesson about dream chasing from a Heisman Trophy winner.’ I am not a football fan, but I deeply related to the message behind his post- chase your dreams, change the world.
  • Game changing Seth Godin quotes written by my friend Kelly Beall, of designcrush, with her 365 Quotes project on Instagram.
  • Seth Godin today: Daily.
  • Oh yeah, and don’t forgot to shop at Madewell today for 30%! I got bought a lovely shirt that was already on sale for $14 dollars yesterday!

While you're wrapping up your Christmas shopping or preparations, don't forgot to take a little time to rest and enjoy your Sunday.