grace notes

Grace Notes by Colore GraceYou have overwhelmed me with your responses via email from [my last post about having a positive attitude, and I cannot thank you enough. I was delighted to get to work on those letters I’m sending out this weekend. Other than working on these letters, I relaxed all weekend. Friday night B and I enjoyed some much needed time out of the house by trying a new restaurant on our list. And we got to spend some of our weekend lounging around the apartment in sweatpants too. After taking my own advice from my latest download, I can confirm — being still is indeed fulfilling. It gave me some time to read, journal, look at Pinterest for a bit, and most precious of all, think.

At the beginning of this year, I started a bi-monthly link round-up I titled ‘grace notes’. Originally I posted these notes on Sundays, because I feel refreshed when I read on Sundays. I found that I was no longer reading for myself on Sundays, but instead I was worrying about having content to use for my notes. Wrong! To get myself back into the routine of reading more often, and especially on Sundays, these post will now be published when I have quality links I’m dying to share. In these notes you can expect to find a variety of articles I’ve recently devoured, products I am looking into, and other random topics I have an interest in but haven’t developed a full blog post for yet.

Here are my most recent notes-

  • There will never be a link round-up where I don’t include a link from Seth Godin: The circus is coming. “People respond to forward motion.”
  • “So, don’t hold back. Deliver the good news. If you’re proud, then say so! Stop downsizing your joy. Of course, there is a graceful way to talk about your accomplishments and then a not so graceful way.” This is a snip of a fantastic article tweeted by my friend Becky about how to talk about your accomplishments in a positive way without being annoying by The Muse.
  • B and I have started thinking about what we want our next home to look like. A lot of the conversation revolves around which neighborhood we want to try next in Austin, but we day-dream about how we want to recreate the inside of our home too. We had decided that our current home is way too big for us, at least right now. We dream of a smaller (comfortable) space, with less things. I’m reading more and more from Becoming Minimalist lately. This article, 7 tips to help keep your resolution to declutter, makes minimalism seem so approachable for me.
  • Oh, and this one too- The Minimalist 90/90 rule
  • Summer is so close, and I have been on the lookout for a few new dresses to replace some old styles and I love the Eva Indigo Stripe Dress from Taylor Stitch. However, I’m nervous to order it because I’m afraid the dress will be too long on my short 5’ frame.
  • I am absolutely in love with this watercolor painting ‘Spring Rain’, by Find and Gather Art by Ellen Sherman. I found this painting, and several others I adored, from my friend Kelly Beall’s online Marketplace! She has rounded up some beautiful things..take a look!
  • This is not usually a place I talk about food, because I’ve never thought of myself as someone who knows anything about food, but I’m actively trying to learn. I have a growing number of food allergies that sometimes make me feel like I have limited options. Instead of sticking to what I know, I’m doing my best to try new things and eat healthier too. The Tig’s Acai bowl definitely caught my eye this week and was added to the ‘must-try’ list.

Do you have any blogs or articles you'd like to share?