HAPPY FRIDAY + kitchen inspiration

kitcheninspiration Hello Hello! A quick apology for the silence for the last few weeks but I'm excited to report I'm now living in Austin, Texas! HOORAY! Bruce and I have lived in new our home for a week! I'm excited to report that it is slowly starting to look like a home (photos soon, I promise) and we now have amazing fast internet! This week has been crazy exhausting and fun as we've moved things around and tried our best to figure out a place for everything. At first my head was kind of spinning because I've never had an entire home to organize before! My biggest task for the moment is learning how to organize our kitchen. Bruce and I brought our few somewhat random kitchen items we had from college, but thankfully his parents have many extras we've been lucky enough to bring home. Everyday this week I have brought home more kitchen stuff from them. haha, Yikes! How the heck are you suppose to find the right flow of your kitchen?! For now we have put things away where we think it will work, but we know we'll probably move things around for it to make a little more sense. Thank goodness we are both big fans of efficient organization. Now that I have internet, I'm going to be searching for kitchen DIYs, organization tips, and inspiration. I love these two images and post from A Beautiful Mess (here are the links: image 1 and image 2). So I'm leaving you with a question:

Do you have an kitchen organization tips or tricks?

How did you find inspiration to organize and style your kitchen?

Anything will be appreciated!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm off to unpack another box. (phew, almost done.)