how I organized 2014

how I organized my 2014- colore grace Do you see this stack? For the past year I’ve kept almost all of these in my tote just in case I needed one. Each of them served a difference purpose. Of course, I didn’t start using all of these at once, but I started accumulating them throughout 2014.

how I organized my 2014- colore grace

The planner served as my monthly and daily scheduler; I’d write definite plans, rough ideas, or tasks here. I first fell in love with the Russell + Hazel mini binder and smart date sheets when I spotted them at Chirps and Cheers. The concept that I could add in the pages or folders I wanted, or take them away, was a major selling point. For years I had used little spiral agendas from target that were decent but never fully functioning the way I needed. The R+H planner allowed me to have a nicely sized, cleanly designed monthly view, weekly view, with more paper and space to write out weekly tasks, errands, or the to-do lists I love so much. During college, I loved to color-code school, work, and blog posts. The rubber band kept the sometimes exploding planner all together. The size was easy to keep in my tote or keep open to work on my desk. Now I have three R+H binders on my shelf as a small archive.

how I organized my 2014- colore grace

The Arts and Science Field Notes was given to me by B when I needed a place to keep notes from Alt. For Everyone. After the weekend was over, I kept using it. The Field Notes kept notes for calligraphy projects, notes from blog and business classes, and some sketches for future prints or cards. The Rhodia is a small dot-grid note pad. It’s almost like a much nicer version of a yellow legal pad; with smooth paper, fold-over cover, and perforated sheets perfect, it is for anything disposable, like making lists or sketching. The little yellow notebook, The Compendium, was my journal. It was a gift given before graduation, which was perfect for my move to Austin. In it I kept quotes, excerpts from articles or books, longer journal entries, small memories I wanted to jot down, and sometimes the start of blog posts. The small size made it easy for me to take it wherever I went.

I loved each of these items individually but as a group they grew to be too much to keep up with. I constantly craved access to all of them, but wanted the freedom of not having to carry all of them. For 2015, I’ve paired down my daily essentials to be only two items which I will be sharing on Thursday.