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Christmas is in one week?! Holy geez, this month has flown by. To help you prep for your holiday fun, I’d like to share how I’ll be wrapping up my presents this year.

First, I make sure I have a big space to work with. For the past several years, I was spoiled by wrapping presents daily on a big square island in chirps and cheers (also the table where B and I became friends). Thankfully last weekend B and I made the Saturday morning trek to the nearest IKEA and bought this beautiful 78" long table top for ourselves. Working together side by side once again has been such a blessing, but for projects like this I take over the whole table.

Second, I gather the supplies-

materials shot

  1. Wrapping paper. For this project I chose to use black and white paper I found at Paper Source, but I’m sure any color you choose would look great.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Your present, already in a box if needed.
  4. This amazing Pen-Touch gold paint pen I am now obsessed with, or a Black paint pen. B & I recently discovered and fell in love with the brand Krink.
  5. Double sided tape.
  6. Twine, ribbon, bows, gift tags, or any other kind of extra shine.


Next, lay your present on top of the paper to measure how much paper your present needs. Cut out a little more than you think you need. Lay the paper flat, right side up. Depending on the type of paper you may need to use paper weights to keep it from rolling. Que Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it off,’ make sure you have enough space your signature dance moves, and press play. SHAKE YOUR PAINT PEN, SHAKE IT OFF, SHAKE IT OFF. On a separate sheet of paper, test your paint pen and marvel at the beauty of its shine. I know I did! Decide and practice which words you’re going to use. My ideas included: merry, happy holidays, the gift-receiver’s name or initial, or any of your favorite holiday themed words or doodles.

steps 2 cheers

Slowly write your words on the wrapping paper however you’d like! (If you’re using the white paper with the black paint, be sure to place something underneath your paper because it will sink through.) Know this, I believe EVERY person is creative so never be afraid to show it. After you’ve completed your piece, let it dry for 20 minutes just to be safe. I am the worst at this step because I get so impatient. While you’re being patient, maybe think of the extra shine you’ll add on, write the gift tag, or reward yourself with a drink! (psst, mine is a Bulleit bourbon and cranberry!)

steps 3 finish

When you are confident the paint is dry, start wrapping! To keep your beautiful lettering intact, I suggest using double-sided tape on the inside of paper. Add your finishing touches to make it extra special and get ready to see some smiles when you give this gift.

B present finishing photos

I’ve never been one to use traditional Santa or snowman pattered paper because wrapping the gift is the most fun for me. It gives me the time to prepare each gift with love and play with fun paint!

Stay tuned because next week I’m going to show you one more way I love to wrap!