how to letter on eggs

simple hand-lettered eggs - coloregrace Each year I get older, but I love making a small mess decorating eggs the same way I did as a kid every Easter. A week before my mom and I would find the coolest egg dye kit and get to work. It was always fun to experiment with mixing color, dipping half the egg in blue and the other half in yellow and seeing the green where the dyes would overlap, and writing on them with white crayon first before dipping into the dye to see your mystery message. This year, I decided to go simple and use materials I already owned.

Eggs seem to have multiple uses for Easter: decoration, hidden and filled with candy or money, or scrambled with a side of bacon. While I hope to enjoy my eggs scrambled during brunch, these golden eggs would make a beautiful decoration for the table. (Please don’t eat the lettered on eggs!)


The supply list is simple: * a carton of eggs (without any stamp) - I used white eggs, but you could try brown or speckled eggs for different look. * an opaque permanent marker - I’m using a Sakura Pentouch Marker Medium Gold . It’s hands down one of my absolute favorite gold markers.

simple egg decorating supplies - coloregrace simple egg decorating supplies - coloregrace

To be as clean as possible, I would suggest a paper towel nearby to wipe any gold off your fingers and a paper plate, or the empty carton, to place the eggs on the dry.

simple egg decorating supplies - coloregrace simple egg decorating supplies - coloregrace

I laid the carton of eggs out on the counter for about 25 to 30 minutes to bring them to room temperature. I tried practicing on a few cold eggs, but as the eggs were thawing the shell was sweating causing my lettering the smudge and fade. Before writing on the eggs, I suggest wiping the moisture off the shell with a paper towel. Once the eggs were at room temperature and cleaned, I was ready to letter!

I practiced on a few eggs to figure out which markers worked best and get used to writing on the curve. I found that holding the egg between my thumb and pointer-finger is best to keep the egg still while writing. Be cautious about where you’re starting your words to make sure all of the letters can be seen, and have some fun.

hand-lettered eggs- coloregrace hand-lettered eggs- coloregrace

I highly suggest egg-puns, or yokes if you will, cheeky phrases about chicks, love letters to your brunch, or words about God’s goodness.

Wishing you all the hoppiest Easter Sunday, BAWK BAWK!

hand-lettered eggs- coloregrace

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