tote1A few months ago, I was getting desperate for a new bag. My previous bag felt way too small for the amount of things I was carrying. I wanted something in a light brown leather and long-lasting because I am typically tough on my bags. Plus, I like having different strap options and a simple designed bag.

Then I found the Madwell Slim Camden tote and fell in love! tote2 I was extremely pleased by how quick my tote arrived. When I ordered with a gold stamp monogram, it was projected to take two to three weeks, but I receieved mine within a week! Once I had this tote in my arms, I filled it with everything I carry daily: keys, sunglasses, extra iphone USB cable, gum, my Russell + Hazel planner, a few cards to write and send out, a few Vintage Seed stamps, my current favorite roll of washi tape, almonds to snack on, and of course my MacBook and iPhone in this new Rifle Paper Co case. I keep the inside of my tote well organized so I never have trouble finding anything despite its size.

tote4 I’m most excited about this tote because it fits my small frame. When I carry my tote by the longer strap the bottom of the bag hits my side perfectly. The leather doesn’t feel heavy to me so even if I pack everything I need I’m still able to carry the tote without my shoulder hurting from the weight. As I’ve carried this bag, it has worn nicely. The leather is now a little more flexible, but the tote still has it’s structured shape.


tote6 On a usual day, the first place I take my tote is Cafe Evoke. Their coffee is my favorite, I’m friends with all of the baristas, and it is easy for me to focus on work while I’m sitting in my favorite spot at the bar. If I need to access things in my tote, I sit it on the bar-stool beside me and the tote is structured enough to stand up nicely. tote7 tote8

I can’t imagine carrying any other tote for a while; I love my Madewell tote! I'm excited to see where it will travel with me next!

(Photos by Bruce Layman for Colore Grace.)