I'm graduating tomorrow.

gradpost4 Yesterday was my last day of college. What a long, weird journey it has been. 5 years, 5 different majors; I am finally all done!

For the past three weeks (okay, actually closer to the last month), I have been crazy stressed: constantly racking my brain for the next assignment to cross off my list, project I needed to design, or what quiz or test to study for. People  kept asking if I was getting excited for graduation, and I would say no because it felt so distant with so many things to accomplish first! During the last week of classes, I was thankful to get most of my work out of the way. But, I still couldn't relax. I was constantly worried about misusing my time, or not getting everything completed. However, yesterday, when I walked out of class for the last time, I truly felt the relief of no more school work. All I have left to do is graduate on Saturday!

Also yesterday, I finally sent mailed my announcements that should've been sent out weeks ago. (oops!) I was very excited to see them completed because I have been working on them for a few weeks. I didn't want to order the boring UCO announcements, or have something ordered at all. I wanted to make my own! I knew I wanted a white background, and to include some of my calligraphy in (of course) gold. Thankfully, I am starting to learn my way around Illustrator! After many doodles in my school notebook trying to figure out how I wanted to layout the text, it was pretty simple. I used a honey gold for my text and a photo taken of me a few months ago by one of my best friends, Katelyn Swanson. (Find her work here!) I used a translucent envelope and addressed each of them in calligraphy with gold ink. I am so pleased with the finished product, and was happy to send them out! I'm even happier thinking about the possibility of creative work becoming my everyday work!

After 5 years of college, I have learned many things: I mastered how to strategically prep for enrollment day, still not get into the class I needed, and mentally/emotionally break-down every time. I learned morning classes are always better with coffee than without, even if I wasn't technically allowed to have coffee and was 5 minutes late. I know how to spot the professors who truly care about their students and give all of the information needed to succeed in life, not just the class. I can carefully follow people through the whole parking lot just to steal their spot, and after 5 years I can still lose my car in a lot that I've been parking in for many of those 5 years. I know that intersession classes and summer classes are sometimes a lot of work, but are almost always fun. When you're nice to professors, they will be nice back. Group projects in classrooms will always suck. The people who you keep close to you can hurt or greatly help you. Parents always love you, even when they don't like you. If you are passionate about the work you are doing, you will be so much happier.

I already kind of knew this but, college taught me that no matter what I am doing, I am truly happy when I am creative. I love testing my creativity and using it in different ways. It is something I will always have. The past month of school I have been driven by my dream of being a full-time creative. While I understand I will need a job in the meantime to pay the bills, I am so eager to keep working towards this dream!  I said before, people have been asking me these two questions for months: "Are you excited?" and "What are you doing after graduation?" I hated these questions because I was scared of the unknown. I wasn't sure what I was going to do after I graduated. Now, I know. I'm about to start the great adventure of following my dream.

Tomorrow will be such a celebration and I'm looking forward to every minute of it!