insta-inspirationI am a full on social media addict, and often an early adopter to ANY social media. I've been through all the phases: xanga, AIM, MySpace, Facebook, Tumblr, onto Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Google+ (total joke when I signed up.. but I hear I need to give it a second chance..), and even LinkedIn. People always ask what my favorite is; it's honestly hard to choose. Twitter allows me to read little 140 character snips from some of my favorite people (like Pope Francis!), funny notes about life, and new articles to read. However, Instagram is one of a kind. If you're following the right people, you'll be inspired by others point of view, their design skills, their color palettes, their life's scenery..and I love reading a photos backstory. Photos can mean so much to a person. I've always been in love with capturing a second to remember it forever. I love to remember the person or place, what I did that day, how I felt in that moment, what we were laughing about and talking about. I've been an Instagram user since 2010.. (four years?! holy guacamole. A lot has happened in four years.) In the beginning, Instagram was simply an app to edit photos or another way to keep a log of your photos. You could post 5 times a day, no one saw any of your photos, and it was almost awkward to get a 'like'. It always interest me to see how social media sites develop and change based on the way users respond to it. It amazes me to see how people can build community out of nothing and inspire each other. The internet is a wonderful place.

Lately my life has been very crazy busy. I am usually very good at keeping up with my twitter feed but I'm at the point where I need to unfollow a few people to really be able to focus on the messages I want to read. So. Much. Scrolling. Because I've been so busy, Instagram has still stuck by my side as a feed for new information, inspiration, and my social media fix. SO, today I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos and profiles. Hopefully you'll be inspired too.  The more I'm jumping into life and getting inspired, the more I'm getting out of life.  A few weeks ago I read this quote:


Following my dreams without doubting myself is getting easier every day. Of course, I still have days I feel like a failure, but I'm lucky to have amazing friends who lift me up, encourage and inspire me. (Sometimes they basically just call me to tell me to "stop it" when I'm freaking out! haha.) It's an important lesson to learn that you can not go through life on your own. You need encouragement, to feel valued, and to be loved. When others believe in you, it gets easier to believe in yourself. As I follow my dreams and others believe in me, I am happy to say I believe in myself more.

Here are a few people who inspire me to be who I am and  inspire me to dream to be a little more.

1. Eva Black / 2. Lindsay Sherbondy (Lindsay Letters) / 3 & 6. Promise Tangeman 4. Julie Doan / 5. Laura

Enjoy your weekend!