'life is beautiful'

To start this week off right, I am giddy to feature my dear friend, Zachary Horst! Zach is a graphic designer and letterer living in Georgetown, TX, which is just north of Austin, and he quickly became one of B and I's closest friends here. You may recognize him from this instagram photo of mine!  He recently designed an exclusive teeshirt for Cotton Bureau, and I asked him to share his work and some thoughts. IMG_7275.PNGIMG_7274.PNG

CG: Zach! Why did you choose the words 'life is beautiful'?

ZH: This design is dear to me because it's what I exclaim whenever I've had a particularly exciting experience. I consider myself a collector of life experiences, good and bad, and I think that those experiences are much more valuable and define me as a person much more than physical objects around me.

CG: I love it! Where can I order mine?

ZH: The shirt can be bought at the Cotton Bureau and only goes to print on October 27th if it sells enough! There are men and women American Apparel sizes available.


CG: How did you get started with graphic design?

ZH: I graduated in 2012 from the Art Institute of Austin with a Bachelor's of Arts degree with an emphasis on Graphic Design and since then I've worked as a store chalk and print artist for Whole Foods Market and on freelance on projects with Skull & Cakebones vegan cupcakes, Pieous pizza, Jenny & Tyler music and Republic of Sandwich, to name a few.


I enjoy graphic design because I love the process of solving a problem for someone. I love getting to use my creativity to translate ideas into reality. I'm really passionate about typography, and getting to work as a typographer and Letterer would be my dream job.

CG: Where can we find more of your work?

ZH: To see more of my work (or to inquire about a design project) visit zacharyhorst.com or email me at Zachary.horst@gmail.com. I also frequently post work in progress, pictures of my wonderful boyfriend, evidence of recent adventures and random chalk work to my Instagram account, @zacharyhorst.

CG: Zach continues to amaze B and I. We're both pretty jealous of his chalk work! I'm so happy you shared with us today! 

Thanks again, Zach!