march review

coloregrace March 2015March is over already!? Geez. While I’m sad the year is going by so fast already, I’m happy to welcome the warm spring weather. Bluebonnets line the Texas highways; they make me smile at least once every morning on my commute. The ability to wear dresses and sandals definitely excites me too.

This month was full of wonderful things for the blog- here’s what my hands have been up to:

  • March began with the idea “luck is the residue of design” for my monthly desktop download post for Jojotastic. You can also view past ‘a little extra grace’ downloads here!
  • B shared his everyday carry, which inspired me to clean out my Madewell tote and be more intentional about what’s inside. In my Everyday Carry I listed the items I can’t go a day without.
  • I had the pleasure of sitting down with Laura Uhlir of Olive to interview her about her love of vintage and new modern designed clothing. It was so nice to get to know Laura a little better, and find this comfy dress too.
  • SXSW is one of two giant events that happen in Austin, my new home. I was incredibly lucky to be invited by Creative Market to Lettering and Lattes at Tom’s Roasting Co, to sit beside a group of Austin hand-letters, and honestly a bunch of my friends, to spend a morning making a mess and having fun.
  • The sun has started to shine in Austin, so I shared a few songs on my sunshine song playlist to go along with the warmer days.
  • I had the privilege to meet some wonderful girls at Camp TXSC! The camp was for bloggers and small business owners to connect, get re-inspired, and have some fun while taking a break too.
  • After coming home from camp, I was in serious need of rest . Last week I tried my best to slow down and really do what best for me. Over the weekend, I barely got any work done, but now I’m feeling recharged to tackle the weeks ahead.
  • Calligraphy has been a big part of my life the past year, and I still enjoy growing with it and playing with new tools. After a lot of practice, I’ve found my go-to basic calligraphy supplies that I love to work with.

Oh yeah, and I was able to catch up with these two (Kelly Beall and Joanna Hawley) and take silly photos with them.

coloregrace March 2015 - image by Tagspire Image by Jacque Managua Photography for Tagspire.