Nannie Inez

Nannie Inez Austin, TXWhen B asked me to move with him, my heart was bursting with love and my mind was busy imagining just how special our home would be. We both had a few items from living in other apartments, and kind parents who were willing to give us odds and ends from their homes, so we decided to save money and not buy anything before we were in this space we now call our home. We both love the idea of building our home with items we found and loved along the way, rather than just buying for the sake of having. This is why we chose to get to know Deeyn Rhodes of one of our favorite local Austin shop’s, Nannie Inez, which features whimsical, modern, beautifully designed products. Deeyn is a Texas native, and graduated from UT with a fashion merchandising degree and spanish minor. While living in Austin, she met her partner, and co-owner of Nannie Inez, Lonzo Jackson. After graduating, the couple moved to NYC for her to work in the fashion industry for a few years before moving to London, which she describes as her “happy place”. While in London, Deeyn discovered she was no longer passionate about working in fashion merchandizing, but instead dreamed of surrounding herself with well-made, well-designed products that made her happy. After moving back to Austin, Nannie Inez opened in 2012.

Deeyn Rhodes of Nannie Inez in Austin, Texas.

CG: What was it about the design in London that captured you and made it your “happy place”?

DR: In London, design is everywhere.  You have access to the best museums and galleries, amazing shops and restaurants and the cultural diversity and unlike any other place.  You see design even when not seeking it out.  It's in the architecture and literally on the streets as some of the best street artist are from London (hello Banksy).  I was in London for London Design Festival a few months before we opened our new shop and I spent days hopping around from event to event and on our last day there, I snapped a picture of a poster I stumbled upon in the underground tube station (old street) and this became one of our main sources of inspiration for the new space.  I like British design because it's modern (not to say there can't be stuffy and dusty British design) but a truely unique sensibilty about British design is the sense of humour.  It's modern and whimsical and as you can see from the shop, I totally identify with that.

CG: How did you fall in love with the minimalist aesthetic?

DR: City living, because the spaces are smaller. The way you decorate in New York, or London, or even here in Austin, is not the way your decorate a huge house. From a fundamental level, it’s the city living. Plus, I like clean lines and furniture that is low profile. Minimalist ,to me, can still be color, print, and texture, but it’s really clean. I like to call things ‘visually light-weight’. Like those brackets (Bend Triangle Wall Brackets) over there, they are so impactful! They’re almost neon and the design is really architectural, but that is completely minimalist. Even though they’re very impactful, they’re also ‘visually light weight’.

Nannie Inez Austin, TXlittle details from Nannie Inez in Austin, Texas

CG: What are a few of your favorite things in the shop?

DR: The terra-cotta pots (from Belgium) are such a simple product but, they’re one of my favorite things in the shop because the colors are so unique. It’s a simple pot, they’re just terra-cotta, you could get a terra cotta pot anywhere, but there is something special about these colors and I’ve never seen anything like it before. The ‘Take a bath’ tea set. That is hilarious. Say you’re having your morning tea or coffee.. Sure you could have it in a free mug that someone gave you, but how nice is it to pour your coffee in a cup that is well made, cute, and funny. I’m really loving the Kristina Krogh prints. They’re really unique, the color is great, the range is great. From the copper foil, to the 2015 calendar, to the watercolor. It’s a pretty wide aesthetic, but I love it.

CG: What do your everyday routine look like?

DR: Wake up and start making a pot of coffee immediately. I take the dog out for a little walk. Most days, I try to go to the Gym ,or do something active in the morning. I find that if I don’t do that I’m pretty grumpy the rest of the day. I come into the shop at 11, and pick up a cup of coffee (either from Seventh Flag or Pacha) before so I have one cup as a little treat for the day. Work until 6. Sometimes we’ll go for happy hour drinks at Weather Up, my favorite place. Then we cook at home around 3 times a week. Bed by 11.

CG: What are you favorite Instagram accounts?

DR: @kristinakroghstudio and minta_maria_photo

Nannie Inez Austin, TX

CG: What are the places outside of home design where you gain inspiration?

DR: Any time spent outside, nature. Just away from the computer and the phone, or doing something active. Clearing the dust and letting inspiration happen naturally, without going out and seeking it. The boardwalk in Austin is one of the best things in the city. It’s beautiful and a great way to spend time outside on the water. Going for a walk, or run.

CG: What would you do with a Saturday free in Austin?

DR: Run on the boardwalk. Maybe go out to Jester King for a beer and pizza. Come back home and go to a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Then, Bruce asked Deeyn what she would do if she came into $100, $1,000, and $10,000 and could spend on whatever she wanted:

DR: $100 - I would probably get a facial at Milk + Honey. $1,000 - I would go shopping. Locally, it would either be kick pleat or Olive. Online, Totokaelo. $10,000 - I would probably spend a few weeks in Greece. Lonzo and I went maybe three years ago and it was one of the best holidays we’ve ever, ever had. The Mediterranean and getting in the water… There is so much salt in the water that you float without trying. The water is beautiful. The food is amazing. The architecture is amazing. The people are super friendly and completely accepting of you being an American. You can either have a fancy day or weekend there where you’re in a nice hotel with striped beach chairs, fluffy pillow, waiters, $20 dollar cocktails, and a house band playing. Or you can just go to a random beach with plastic chairs, or beach towels, and have a beer and it’s really relaxed and beautiful. It’s easy to have both of those experiences if you wanted.

Deeyn Rhodes of Nannie Inez in Austin, Texas.

Each time we visit the shop Deeyn is very friendly to us and eager to share her extensive knowledge for the products she’s passionate about. Her love for the products is contagious, so we can never leave the shop without a few little home goodies or adding a new item to our wishlist, like this chair I’m determined to own one day. I highly suggest following @nannie_inez on Instagram, visiting while you’re in Austin, or checking out the online shop!