peeks into our home

coloregrace and Bs home B and I have officially lived together for six months. Time continues to fly by. And we both continue to be amazed at how happy we are here. It has been so fun learning to cook together (and I’ll add that we have been making excellent dinners for the last week), running errands on the weekends, constantly rearranging our furniture, and mixing up our growing print collection. Since it is our first home, it has been quiet the process to arrange our things exactly how we like them, add a few new pieces in, and declutter items we no longer need or use. In the future we hope to keep a minimal amount of things, however we will keep all of our art prints. Today I’m excited to share a small peek into our process of building a home at 6 months.

This corner is a recent favorite of ours. I’ve had this vintage green chair since I was young, and I’ve always loved it. We’ve enjoyed keeping a few succulents around to bring some life in, and occasionally we’ll bring home a few hydrangeas because they’re my favorite. Our two large prints were framed and hung last week. The left print is from a recent AIGA lecture we attended called Print Matters, and the right is A Visual Compendium of Cameras from Pop Chart Labs.

coloregrace and Bs coffee tablecoloregrace and Bs home little bar

Our oversized wooden coffee table serves us in more ways than one. We like to keep these books on the table to flip through, but they often get pushed aside for work, yummy food, and sometimes photos. Right across the coffee table, we have a tall bookshelf/entertainment center with a low shelf that serves as our bar. We like to keep Gin, Bourbon, and a Malbec or Cab Sav stocked up; the Vodka is simply there as a bar staple. The glass and gold leaf sign behind hung in the doctor’s office of B’s great-grandfather, he saved it from the recycling bin before the move.

coloregrace-2311-officecoloregrace and Bs home office

Finally, our office, which is actually the dining area in the floor plan, is where we spend the most time. About two months ago we bought our giant white desktop which gives each of us plenty of space to spread out all of the paper and pens we wish. Behind us we have shelves that allow us to rotate our prints around occassionally.

We are truly enjoying building our home in this apartment. It is ever-changing, evolving, and so much fun.

coloregrace at home