pop of color- insta-inspiration

insta-JuneIt's no secret that Instagram is one of my favorite things, and I enjoy sharing what has been catching my eye lately. Here it is -COLORI know, shocking from a girl named Colore'. In these photos, I love the simplicity of the black and white with all of these brilliant punches of my favorite colors! People would always tease me when I was little asking, "Colore', what's your favorite color?" They were always shocked because I responded, "I don't have one!" For months I've been daydreaming about what kind of color palette I want to use for my brand and I still can't decide. My entire life I've gone through favorite-color phases. I can't choose just one.

  1. Pencil Shavings Studio- This one caught my attention because of the bright yellow bar stools! I am getting excited to add little pops of color to my new home in July. B & I are lovin' these!

2. Linda and Harriett- I love these illustrations! I have one of their calendars hanging above my desk, and I'm super excited to see how she incorporates this pineapple into her new products.

3. The Proper Pinwheel- I always love her style and her use of color. This week she featured these coral latte bowls from Anthro. I'm dreaming of owning a few of these someday but I can't seem to pick a color yet. again shocking.

4. McGuire Moorman Hospitality- I am on the constant look-out for new place to go in Austin. (Have any suggestions?)  I'm excited to have already learned about a few coffee-houses, go-to brunch spots, and several little shops.

I'm so eager to learn the city and fill our home with many pops of color.

PSST! Go follow all of these people. They're really great!