POST-GRAD LIFE- The Huey's feature

snoconeheaderOklahoma City is warming up and starting to feel like Summer! I am searching for a new swimsuit, sandals, and many flowy brightly-colored sun-dresses. I’ve taken layers of blankets off of my bed. I wake up ready for iced coffee every morning since I’ve been a working night-owl the past several days. I’ve been driving with my music loud and windows down. I feel all of my allergies attacking me and there are bugs out everywhere. Ah, summertime. at the truck The first week after graduation I still was in a weird haze of feeling like I had a million tasks to do for school; my brain would not relax! I was constantly searching for the next assignment to work on, but there are no more assignments (for school anyway). Now, without the guilt of having school assignments to complete, I can fully enjoy a snocone date and start enjoying my post-graduation life!

My favorite place to get snocones in OKC is hands-down Huey’s Shave Ice! To quote Bruce, it is “the happiest little blue truck there ever was”. He took me to Huey’s for one of our first little dates and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I knew he loved it too when they greeted him by name. HA! Huey’s is owned by a sweet married couple, Lauren and Jamie. They are super nice to talk to and love having regular customers. summer love To find where Huey’s is going to be located, check @hueysokc on Twitter or Instagram. The little blue truck travels to different places throughout the Oklahoma City area and has the perfect selection of unique delicous flavors. Bruce’s favorite is ‘the 405’ as the ‘big daddy’ size, which is guava, redbud, ice cream at the bottom, and sweet cream on top. My favorite is the ‘Summer Love’, which is passionfruit, mango, and redbud. Mmm! eating B being cute Going to eat Huey’s with Bruce is just as sweet as the snocone. I am already loving my summer with him. No matter where we go, or what we do, we are always having fun and laughing.

In the past week he has been tremendiously patient with me while I’ve been getting into a groove of prepping blog posts, scheduling photo shoots, organizing my future ideas and goals, and setting up my new website. (What do you think of my blog’s fresh look?) I love dicussing what steps I’ll take next or how I can achieve a big goal I’ve set for myself with Bruce. He is constantly pushing me to believe in myself and do amazing work he knows I can do, even on days when I feel the worst. With his encouragement, I can’t imagine where I’ll end up but I know it will be great. He is confident my daydreams will soon be reality and I’m slowly starting to believe it too. I’m so thankful for him.

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Ending the summer day with Bruce and a Huey’s is perfect. Here’s to many more snocones.

Dress old Anthropologie / Necklace Anthropologie / Tote Madewell

(Photos by Bruce Layman for Colore’ Grace.)