remember how lucky you are

luckymeFor weeks I had be trying to brainstorm a cute St. Patricks Day DIY project. Something not cheesy or overdone. I came up with nothing. It felt unnatural to try to push a project I wasn't completely in love with. Yesterday, I was curling up in my bed enjoying a lazy Sunday and doing blog research when it suddenly hit me..

"What makes me feel lucky?" 

The Pearl Necklace

When I was growing up, I insisted on buying something tangilbly lucky. As if, when I bought that ring or bracelet whenever I wore it I would be lucky.  I had many charm bracelets, lucky bead bracelets, a few mood rings..but none struck me the way this pearl necklace did.

It was the Saturday before my 16th birthday. I was recovering from my first surgery on my knees and still hobbling along on crutches. I was frantically trying to plan my birthday celebration, and my three friends I wanted to invite were being normal dramatic teenage girls. (It was a rough birthday besides the new iPod my dad gave me.) My mom and I were driving around town and stopped into this little boutique I had heard good things about. I was crutching around the store and looked up to a half body mannequin with this elegant pearl necklace on. I looked around; it was the only one like it in sight. The way I often feel about myself. For my 16th birthday, I bought myself this special pearl necklace. Whenever I wear it I feel lucky: I feel graceful and elegant in pearls, and unique or unlike any other girl. I firmly believe I'm the only one with this necklace. It's completely individual just like me, which I feel pretty lucky about.

The People

In our lives, our relationships and friendships are constantly changing. I'm the kind of person who usually goes through phases of close friends. However, as an adult I've found a few very special people I plan to keep around for as long as I can. First, my best friend, Katelyn. We met when I was working for Starbucks. Katelyn and I were both photo majors at the time. We started going to lunch occasionally and the next thing I knew, we were best friends. Throughout all of the crazy life changes in the past three years we've remained close. In the photo above is a note Katelyn wrote in french and left on my car one day while I was at work. It's hilarious because Katelyn was studying french because she loved it, but had the hardest time learning it. Whenever I come across this note in my room, I remember and laugh at the times we sat at the large table in our Starbucks; She would just lay her head down in her book and I would laugh. Then I remember the simplicity of her note and it makes me smile. It roughly translates to:

"Dear Colore', I love working with you. You are very nice and fun. This is all I'm saying. Goodbye."

I'm pretty lucky to have a friend like Katelyn who I can talk so deeply to at times and I can laugh about silly little things with too.  "Come here I love you" 

Next, I'd like to talk about my job at Chirps and Cheers. While I was working for Starbucks I was lucky to reconnect with Sami, who I had danced with growing up. She told me about her shop, and I immediately fell in love. I was even luckier to start helping around the shop. Two years later, and I'm a shop-girl now too. Every day I am excited to go to work. I am so lucky to have two bosses who care for me so much, like a shop-mom and a sister. I'm so lucky to have found a place where I truly love my job. Most people never get that. At the end of the day, my job doesn't feel like work.. it's too much fun. I'm so passionate about it.

The Postcard 

We all have special talents and skills. In life sometimes we forget what we're passionate about. Life takes us away from it and somehow always bring us back. For me, that passion is writing. I've been a writer since I was in the 1st grade and learned how to write, and even more monumental, how to journal. How to track my thoughts on paper to keep forever. Writing will always be a constant for me. A few Saturdays ago, I was walking around a local shop after going through a tough couple of weeks. I was looking for something new to hang on my wall, but nothing I found stuck out to me until I saw this postcard. STAY TRUE. It now hangs over my desk, and reminds me to be myself and keep writing. I'm pretty lucky to have writing as my passion. I'd go pretty crazy without it. (Later this week, I'll be posting about the importance of journaling!)

The Film and Calligraphy

I never want to limit myself to a niche again. I did that with dance growing up because dance was my whole life and all I focused on. I loved it, but now that I don't dance I've had opportunities to learn other crafts. Photography and calligraphy are both crafts I feel lucky to learn about, practice, and share with people. It keeps my mind open to be inspired by so many things. With calligraphy, I feel lucky I learned the skill I had once only admired. Now I'm even luckier to get to practice with people I love. Whenever I practice, I feel like an artist and by the end of practicing I look like an artist too with inky hands. I'm so excited to continue with calligraphy.

Yesterday I randomly found these two shot rolls of film in my room which was strange because I haven't used film in years. I have no idea whats on these and I can't wait to get them developed! It was like striking gold when I found them. (luck of the Irish, maybe?) Finding the film really meant a lot to me because Friday night I was lucky enough to attend the opening of the Ansel Adams gallery at the Oklahoma Museum of Art. When I was gazing into the magnificent photographs by Adams, I was in awe of his incredible skill for capturing the perfect moment and his ability to share that moment with so many other people. For me, photography has been about remembering moments just like my writing. I wrote last week about capturing images to remember how I felt, or what I was noticing about my subject. Sometimes I take photos simply to remember, even if they don't end up on social media.  I can always look back at the photo and smile. I love remembering.

St. Patricks day is a day to celebrate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, however most people choose to binge drink. This holiday I wanted to reflect on the things in my life that make me feel lucky. Now I encourage you to reflect on how lucky you are.

Happy Monday, and St. Patricks day!

Are you wearing green?