restingI’m resting today because I’ve had cold symptoms the past few days and my mind is a mess full of projects that are competing for top priority. Over the weekend, I heard a wonderful talk with Jess Lively and Caroline Rector about living with intention, lessons they’ve learned, and what they’re hoping to learn. A big part of the message was the importance of rest. As creatives, we hustle so hard we end up exhausted, stressed, and not producing our best content because we are not our best selves. Instead, Jess urged us to not make the same mistake she did and take the rest when we truly need it.

I do most of my work for my blog and projects at night, which means I’m staying up late and not getting the best quality or enough sleep. I typically have a “go-go-go” kind of attitude (working as much as I possibly can with the time I have) when it comes to working, which is truly unhealthy for me. B tries to warn me that I need rest, but instead of leaving the responsibility for him, I’d like to take control of my work/rest balance for myself. I would like to avoid the breakdowns, downward spirals, and sickness as much as I can and I know at the rate I’m going I’m bound to have a little breakdown every month or two. Un-acceptable.

So today, I’m choosing to rest, with green tea and blankets, with the best intention of taking better care of myself starting now. I'm going to clean my desk, clean my calendar and to-do list, and start fresh tomorrow.