spring four

spring style- coloregrace It’s time to wear dresses and sandals every day again. Thank goodness. This combination is one of the easiest and most comfortable, and I’m happy it’s a favorite of mine. As a little girl, I can remember exactly one dress I enjoyed wearing, my sunflower print dress. After I grew out of it, there were years of jeans. I was lucky enough to have a best friend in high school who made me wear a dress if we were going to a party. She absolutely refused to let me leave the house without one. Then, throughout college I grew to appreciate dresses for what they really are- the simplest outfit you can choose. It’s one item (paired with shoes) and you go!

This Spring I’m looking forward to leaving the house in the dresses I’ve collected over the past few years, but I’m rethinking the rest of my wardrobe. Since Christmas I’ve been flirting with the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe for myself, because I already reach for the same tops or dresses every few weeks. My capsule wardrobe wouldn’t necessarily be my efforts to minimize my closet, because it’s already pretty limited, but I would be challenging myself to fulfill my wardrobe and mix up my outfits in new ways. I think Austin’s consistently sunny weather would allow for a lot of dresses, like this cute Madewell dress, in this capsule too.

Oh, and the nib-holder is because I’m in need of a new one!

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