STYLE: everyday carry

coloregrace- everyday carryLast week B thoughtfully laid down his everyday carry (or EDC). Men have the luxury of carrying three essential things (keys, wallet, phone) everyday, while girls usually carry a bag(s) full of things just in case we might need it, myself included. (You never know when you'll need that smashed emergency granola bar.) This inspired me to clean out my Madewell tote and be more intentional about what's inside. I've been carrying this tote for almost a year and it has stored many things including school supplies, road trip essentials, résumés, many snacks, and many journals. I decided it was time to give my tote, and arm, a rest and only carry my essential things. Although I'd prefer to only carry a clutch throughout the day, I never go anywhere without several writing tools and my notebook. So, to keep me organized, I store all of my smaller essentials in a smaller pouch inside my tote. I'm always happier when things are well organized. Here are a few key items I can't go a day without:

Add in a morning coffee, a water bottle, or maybe a snack, and I'm ready to go.

In the future I hope to find a way to be only carrying a clutch, but for now I'll keep schlepping. (A word I learned from my Aunt Linda; every time I say it I giggle.)