sunshine playlist

A Spotify playlist for soaking in the spring sun.Tomorrow I’m excited to pick up Joanna Hawley from the airport, show her a few of my favorite Austin shops, and then drive out to camp! This weekend I’ll be joining about a hundred ladies just outside of Austin to attend Texas Style Council’s CAMP! I’m beyond excited to get away from the city for a few days, connect with creative ladies, and learn from them too. It should be a great chance to get reinspired and well-rested, even if we do stay up late watching movies and/or giggling. The sun has started to shine in Austin; the weather is warming up. With a few of our warmer days lately, I’ve been in the mood to cruise around with windows down, sunglasses on, and the happiest music playing loud. This is what inspired me to create the ‘sunshine song’ playlist. It’s a mix of songs, old and new, that ensure a smile on my face.

You can play the songs on the widget, or find the playlist here on Spotify!