SXSW: Lettering and Lattes

sxsw lettering and lattes - coloregrace sxsw lettering and lattes - coloregrace3 This past Saturday I had the pleasure of joining a bunch of local hand-letterers at Lettering and Lattes, hosted by Creative Market and Toms Roasting Co, to kick off SXSW. It was my first event as a letterer, and I couldn't have had a better time. A group of letterers were brought together by Creative Market to hang out on a beautiful Saturday morning, drink coffee, letter, and talk with each other and the attendees. I was happy to spend time with a few letterers I was already close friends with (Becky Murphy, Angela Duncan, Zachary Horst, Ryan Hamrick, and Lin Zagorski), as well as get to know others, like Sean McCabe.

We all had a blast trying each others markers, pens, and different lettering styles. B took these photos, but joined the letterers in having some fun too. I'm so happy to be in this community and learn from each other, and I cannot wait until we all get together again.

Find all of the links for the extraordinary letters here!sxsw lettering and lattes - coloregrace4 Zachary-Horst-and-Becky-Murphysxsw lettering and lattes - coloregrace2sxsw lettering and lattes - coloregrace6