Friday Four

fridayfour10/17 We’re half way through October and I am super thankful to report that Austin’s weather has been a little breezier than normal this week. (insert praying hands emoji here) Despite living in Oklahoma my entire life, which was still pretty hot, I learned I favor cold weather. Growing up, my family would take trips during the holidays to visit my two aunts who lived north of us; Aunt Linda lives in Glenview, IL, a suburb of Chicago, and Aunt Marlene lived in a small town in Wisconsin.

These experiences enriched my life in numerous ways. Being close to these relatives inspired me. I developed a constant travel-bug spirit. I learned to shop in busy holiday-season downtown Chicago and discovered my love of fashion. And, sometimes J-walking is okay. But these road-trips also instilled my love for cold weather at an early age.

Admittedly there are two things I hate about winter: winter coats, because no matter what shape or size, they engulf my petite frame, and driving in snow and ice because it gives me hardcore anxiety. Nevertheless, I will always be happier when the temperature is 80 degrees or below. I’ve always said, “I can always layer more clothes on, than take off.”

Since Austin is finally experiencing some fall-like breezes, I’d like to share some accessories I’m excited to add into my mix this season.

scarf | sunglasses | bangle | boots

It feels so great to be back into a regular blogging routine. I’ve been hustling harder than ever and fully committing to create solid content for my readers. If you ever have topics or ideas you’d like to see more of, please don’t hesitate to email me here!

Happy Friday!


junefour For this friday four, I'd like to share two brands that I have never shopped but I may be soon: Zara and BC Footwear. I'm a pretty picky about my clothes, and especially my shoes, so it's a good day when I find a new place to shop. Here are the links to these lovely items:

Zara: Gathered Back top , Ruffled Sleeve top

BC Footwear: Eager Beaver, Glitter bootsUp All Night flats

Today I'd also like to share a few links I love:

The endless home style possibilities from Apartment Therapy and Emily Henderson's blog.

I'm getting many DIY project ideas from this wonderful blog.

Since Bruce is now addicted to coffee too, I'm considering this print for us by A Pair of Pears.

And I always love this Pin. brilliant saying and my favorite color.

Happy weekend everyone!


Friday Four

Summer Friday FourIt's past 5, but I'm still eager to share these four favorites! Summer, and the fact that I'm moving to Austin, has me on the constant look out for as many breezy, colorful sundresses and cute sandals I can find. I'm pretty certain it will be my new daily uniform. In addition to summer clothing, I'm finding little treasures to decorate a new apartment.  Right now I'm so inspired by colorful patterns and extremely classic designs. I'm hoping to find a perfect balance between these two completely opposite styles. As I prep for Austin, I'm trying to learn the ways to shop the local vintage and boho shops too! I'm excited by how expressive Austin fashion is. My kind of weird will fit in but hopefully stand out at the same time. Here are the links for the following products I have on my wishlist. The framed Pineapple Print by Ez Pudewa because B and I LOVe our pineapples.

The 'Success Is Not for the Lazy' Mug from The Everygirl to keep up my motivation.

This lovely summer Madewell shiftdress.

New sandals I could wear daily to match any outfit from Stylemint.

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday Four

FridayFourApps1Happy Friday everyone! I'm so happy for the weekend. This week has a been a chaotic mess of highs and lows; I'm ready to relax a bit. Since it's Friday, I'm here to share my Friday Four Favorites on 4/4/2014! WHOA! This week I thought I'd do something different and share my new favorite Apps! As you mayknow from reading past post (like this one or this one), I am a complete Apple fan girl. Always an iPhone girl, always will be! I love learning about new apps and downloading them to test them out. However, I get pretty set in my ways on which apps I use on a daily basis, so new apps rarely stick around. I am happy to say these four new apps are forever favorites already!

  1. Day One - $4.99 This app is a beautiful on-the-go, or little blerb, journal. I remember trying Day One a few years ago but it just didn't stick because the app needed some work. Now, it's improved to work smoothly! As I'm prepping for graduation, life is constantly changing and moving. It's nice to remind myself daily of the high points or what I'm grateful for. I write down who I saw that day, maybe a funny photo or two, or how I'm feeling. You can tag posts with different subjects to search one topic you write about a lot. There is a monthly view and a timeline to scroll through.  If you love journaling or keeping track of little details like I do, you'll enjoy Day One.
  2. Drafts - $4.99 By touching the Drafts icon once, the app opens to a blank page ready to type. Before I used the Apple Notes for a lot for things I needed to write down, but Drafts is more effiencient to use quickly and it's easier to export a note when you need. I'm still exploring Drafts and figuring out how I can maximize the use of this app. I know it's going to be a keeper for me as a busy blogger.
  3. Tweetbot 3 - $4.99 I know I know.. you're thinking "Colore! Tweetbot has been around for years!" & you're right! For some reason, I had been dead-set on only using the Twitter app all of these years. Before when I tried Tweetbot I couldn't get into the way the interface worked. Plus, I've been so busy lately I've rarely been checking twitter, which is unlike me! Thankfully, Tweetbot 3's beautiful new interface has me hooked on Twitter again! The app makes it easier to keep track of where you are in your news feed and is easier to read.I love it!
  4. Threes - $1.99 I'm not a big iPhone gamer, or any kind of gamer to be honest, but I am obsessed with this game! Typically I'll get some of the popular iPhone games, like TinyWings, and play them nonstop for two weeks. The games get to be mindless and no fun so I stop playing. However, Threes allows you to think about your next moves and build up a strategy of how you play. I must warn you though, it is crazy addictive. Such a fun game!


Friday Four

FFMarch14Happy Friday everyone! Finally in Oklahoma, we've had some sunny days to keep our eyes from closing due to the time change. (Side note: Does anyone really prefer to spring forward an hour? We're all so tired for the next week..) The past week I've enjoyed the warmer weather by wearing sandals! Thank goodness for sandal season!

I'm the kind of girl who will find a few pieces I love, and really show them some love by wearing them repetitively. This post was inspired by the dream of adding a few new daily essentials for spring! I would love to pair this with the black slip dress I got last summer. Add some sunglasses and a snocone, and I would be ready for a perfect sun-filled Saturday.

1. Willow infinity ring- Baublebar. / 2. Printed Silk Snood- J.Crew

 3. Callie sandals- J.Crew / 4. Daisy Eau So Fresh- Marc Jacobs

Enjoy your weekend!



Friday Favorites: Spring in my Step

springstepOur weather in Oklahoma has been a bit of a roller coaster. Weeks of snow and ice, and then suddenly last weekend was sunny and the perfect temperature. I ran around in sandals and my black Everlane tee working on my DIY project all day. Of course, as soon as I was in love with sandal weather the temperatures dropped back to winter this week. Nevertheless, I have crazy spring fever! I'm ready to lose the boots and the multiple layers. This morning when I woke up I was delighted to hear a little rain outside. Rain is a good sign of Spring! & It's always nice to add a few new things to your wardrobe for Spring! This Friday I would like to share some items I've been eyeing.

Switchneck Tank -Anthropologie. / The Gold Text Collar necklace- BaubleBar. /Gold three ring set- Brandy Melville. / Crown vintange Firenze Flats- / The Camden Tote- Madewell.

Which spring item are you most excited about? Sandals, maybe new sunglasses?


Friday Four

fridayfour1I've wanted to start a reoccurring post for awhile but could never figure out what was the best fit. This week I had an idea to feature four products I love on Fridays. Catchy right? I'll be doing my Friday Four every two weeks for now, and eventually every week. Once I'm past Christmas I'm already thinking of craft ideas and my outfit for Valentine's Day.  It's a fun holiday with an excellent color palette. I always love red and gold and it's the one time of year I allow myself to add in pink. I'm not typically a pink girl.  These four products are in the February color palette and are just little things to make me smile!

  1. Black & Gold heart iPhone 5 case. I love these cute cases! I got the white and red heart case last year and it's one of my favorites! Since I always have my iPhone in my hand, I love having a few different cases to switch between.
  2. Clare Vivier Foldover clutch, with black mini spots. I love all of the clutches from Clare Vivier, but this one is too adorable! Total dream clutch.
  3. Le Pen, black. Found at Hobby Lobby. I am a pen collector & I am a sucker for a fine tipped black pen. I came across this brand while working in the shop and was curious to try one out for myself. I love it so far, but I've been told that they run out of ink quickly. We'll see.
  4. Essie nail polish, color - geranium. The perfect red! i found mine at Target.

Those are this weeks favorites! I hope you have a great weekend!

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