insta-inspiration 2-24 Each weekend seems like a dream to me. No matter what happens, I always enjoy every minute of it even though it is fleeting. This weekend was very casual and mostly unplanned. Friday, dinner at B’s parents home with some family friends who were visiting from Canada. Saturday we woke up early to go for coffee and do some work and planning. Afterwards we made our usual weekend trip to the art store, Jerry’s, then visited one of our favorite home good shops Nannie Inez. We enjoyed the rest of our weekend by lounging around the house, sipping coffee, catching up on our weekly reading, doing some addressing, and working a bit.

Of course through all of this, there was a lot of Instagram scrolling and discovery. Although some of Instagram has become spam accounts or aggregators, I still find a lot of inspiration from killer accounts like these!

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grace notes

coloregrace grace notes My routine is back in full-swing. Most days are busy from the minute I wake to the moment I pass out, but it feels so good and it makes me so happy. Austin had a rainy week, but thankfully the sun came out for this weekend. It makes me more eager to enjoy the beautiful spring weather that just around the corner. January has flown by, and I have been a tad behind on my weekly reading but I pulled together a few links to share with you on this sunny Sunday.

  • “Sharing an idea you care about is a generous way to change your world for the better,” Seth godin 1–15
  • “Fear only has the power you give it,” tweeted by Bob Goff.
  • I’m super proud of my friend Becky Murphy for recording an awesome podcast with Jess Lively for The Lively Show! You should take a break and listen! (Plus Becky’s shop just gained a lovely new print!)
  • @houselarsbuilt always has the best color features!I’m very inspired by the color combination of olive and soft pinks these days. I think I’ll need to add these colors into my spring wardrobe.
  • After reading, and rereading, this article from The Tig I’m choosing a few books to arrange on our coffee table. I will say our coffee table is a tad large, so I’m having trouble styling the books while still filling out the table.
  • THIS. I am super pumped to do some spring cleaning. Less is more.
  • “Nothing will make you feel better except doing the work.” I totally agree with this sign for @ohhappyday.

Enjoy and rest for the remainder of your day. You deserve it!

grace notes

IMG_8166-2.JPG Happy Sunday everyone. Today’s short list of grace notes is being brought to you from a coffee shop just West of downtown Austin. It’s been a cold, grey, rainy, slow weekend for us, and I’m perfectly content with it. Even thought B and I had planned a few things, we’ve both grown to be more accepting when plans change. Most days I liked to have everything planned out: what we’ll accomplish, or where we’ll go. However, since dating B I’ve become much more spontaneous. Yesterday, after canceling our plans because of alleged snow, we had a slow morning and ended up wandering through shops around the city for the rest of the day. Today we woke up and decided to sit and work together over a few cups of coffee. No real plans were made, we just wanted to be together and rest. As we prepare for another week full of work, I’d like to share some links I’ve found inspiring.

  • “‘Used to be’, is not necessarily a mark of failure or even obsolescence. It’s more often a sign of bravery and progess. If you were brave enough to leap, who would you choose to ‘used to be’?,” said Seth Godin. 12/31/14
  • “We refuse to turn off our computers, turn off our phone, log off Facebook, and just sit in silence, because in those moments we might actually have to face up to who we really are.” —Jefferson Bethke, in an article from Joshua Becker, Becoming Minimalist.
  • Lulled by Seth Godin.
  • “Grace means we don’t need to airbrush our lives to make them just look like they’re working,” tweeted Bob Goff.
  • Watch this moving new music video Elastic Heart by Sia. I’m so captivated by this.
  • Lettering by @thefozzybook has been a constant inspiration for me. I’m ordering one of these Wink of Luna’s by Kuretake Zig thanks to her.
  • This lettering and article by Eva Jorgensen of Sycamore Street Press.

grace notes

IMG_7946.JPGAs we prep for Christmas this Thursday, I’m thankful to be taking a second to catch up on my reading and to be sharing some articles and links with you this Sunday.

  • I’ll start by saying how obsessed I am with this crazy adorable frenchie Instagram account- @barkleysircharles.
  • @jojotastic: my feelings need to talk to a burrito STAT.
  • @jcrew_help’s response to my tweet about needing petite sizes in stores: “@coloregrace No plans at this time but will of course share your feedback with the team - we’re always reviewing.” I hope this changes some day soon.
  • “Go all the way with it. Do not back off. For once, go all the goddamn way with what matters.” — Ernest Hemingway
  • This quote about drinking coffee and working hard.
  • I signed up for a subscription to Skimm this week. It’s a daily email that gives summaries of the big news stories happening in the world. I’ve really enjoyed adding it into my morning routine while I sip my coffee.
  • “Write the pages no one sees,” from Jon Acuff’s article titled ‘1 surprising lesson about dream chasing from a Heisman Trophy winner.’ I am not a football fan, but I deeply related to the message behind his post- chase your dreams, change the world.
  • Game changing Seth Godin quotes written by my friend Kelly Beall, of designcrush, with her 365 Quotes project on Instagram.
  • Seth Godin today: Daily.
  • Oh yeah, and don’t forgot to shop at Madewell today for 30%! I got bought a lovely shirt that was already on sale for $14 dollars yesterday!

While you're wrapping up your Christmas shopping or preparations, don't forgot to take a little time to rest and enjoy your Sunday.

grace notes

GRACENOTE1 PHOTO One of the the things I’m passionate about is sharing with you, so each Sunday I’ll be bringing you a list of things I’ve found and loved over the past week. In the past, I’ve done various instagram-inspiration posts and a few posts featuring links, but now I’d like to bring them to you all at once. Each week may look a little different, but I’m eager to see how it grows and changes.


  1. @fresh_exchange
  2. @feasting
  3. @laurenswells
  4. @_thetig


  • @joythebaker: pep talk: a talk intended to make someone feel more courageous or enthusiastic.
  • @bobgoff: Do what lasts; get around to everythIng else.
  • @lovedoes: Love more; fear less
  • @drhenrycloud: Sometimes u have to bleed to get better. What if ur surgeon were afraid of blood? Lean into the difficulty if it’s right!


Take this Sunday to rest and restore your heart . Get ready to KILL IT this week with more grace.



For now, I am stuck in bed constantly checking social media, reading, watching Gilmore Girls, and trying my best to focus on work after a surgery on my femur. Of course I love to turn to Instagram for inspiration, so today I wanted to share some of my favorites! Enjoy!

@jengotch | @mollyjacques | @christohercraig_ | @sarakatestudios

pop of color- insta-inspiration

insta-JuneIt's no secret that Instagram is one of my favorite things, and I enjoy sharing what has been catching my eye lately. Here it is -COLORI know, shocking from a girl named Colore'. In these photos, I love the simplicity of the black and white with all of these brilliant punches of my favorite colors! People would always tease me when I was little asking, "Colore', what's your favorite color?" They were always shocked because I responded, "I don't have one!" For months I've been daydreaming about what kind of color palette I want to use for my brand and I still can't decide. My entire life I've gone through favorite-color phases. I can't choose just one.

  1. Pencil Shavings Studio- This one caught my attention because of the bright yellow bar stools! I am getting excited to add little pops of color to my new home in July. B & I are lovin' these!

2. Linda and Harriett- I love these illustrations! I have one of their calendars hanging above my desk, and I'm super excited to see how she incorporates this pineapple into her new products.

3. The Proper Pinwheel- I always love her style and her use of color. This week she featured these coral latte bowls from Anthro. I'm dreaming of owning a few of these someday but I can't seem to pick a color yet. again shocking.

4. McGuire Moorman Hospitality- I am on the constant look-out for new place to go in Austin. (Have any suggestions?)  I'm excited to have already learned about a few coffee-houses, go-to brunch spots, and several little shops.

I'm so eager to learn the city and fill our home with many pops of color.

PSST! Go follow all of these people. They're really great! 


insta-inspirationI am a full on social media addict, and often an early adopter to ANY social media. I've been through all the phases: xanga, AIM, MySpace, Facebook, Tumblr, onto Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Google+ (total joke when I signed up.. but I hear I need to give it a second chance..), and even LinkedIn. People always ask what my favorite is; it's honestly hard to choose. Twitter allows me to read little 140 character snips from some of my favorite people (like Pope Francis!), funny notes about life, and new articles to read. However, Instagram is one of a kind. If you're following the right people, you'll be inspired by others point of view, their design skills, their color palettes, their life's scenery..and I love reading a photos backstory. Photos can mean so much to a person. I've always been in love with capturing a second to remember it forever. I love to remember the person or place, what I did that day, how I felt in that moment, what we were laughing about and talking about. I've been an Instagram user since 2010.. (four years?! holy guacamole. A lot has happened in four years.) In the beginning, Instagram was simply an app to edit photos or another way to keep a log of your photos. You could post 5 times a day, no one saw any of your photos, and it was almost awkward to get a 'like'. It always interest me to see how social media sites develop and change based on the way users respond to it. It amazes me to see how people can build community out of nothing and inspire each other. The internet is a wonderful place.

Lately my life has been very crazy busy. I am usually very good at keeping up with my twitter feed but I'm at the point where I need to unfollow a few people to really be able to focus on the messages I want to read. So. Much. Scrolling. Because I've been so busy, Instagram has still stuck by my side as a feed for new information, inspiration, and my social media fix. SO, today I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos and profiles. Hopefully you'll be inspired too.  The more I'm jumping into life and getting inspired, the more I'm getting out of life.  A few weeks ago I read this quote:


Following my dreams without doubting myself is getting easier every day. Of course, I still have days I feel like a failure, but I'm lucky to have amazing friends who lift me up, encourage and inspire me. (Sometimes they basically just call me to tell me to "stop it" when I'm freaking out! haha.) It's an important lesson to learn that you can not go through life on your own. You need encouragement, to feel valued, and to be loved. When others believe in you, it gets easier to believe in yourself. As I follow my dreams and others believe in me, I am happy to say I believe in myself more.

Here are a few people who inspire me to be who I am and  inspire me to dream to be a little more.

1. Eva Black / 2. Lindsay Sherbondy (Lindsay Letters) / 3 & 6. Promise Tangeman 4. Julie Doan / 5. Laura

Enjoy your weekend!