IMG_7708.JPGREASONS WHY I’M EXTRA THANKFUL - I was able to have another successful surgery, to give me a higher quality of life, and my recovery process that already has me feeling stronger. I’m able to walk without pain or a limp for the first time in 5 years. for my supportive parents encouraging me to keep writing my blog and creating great work to share with others. and for their unique weird sense of humor. for Bruce. beyond being my boyfriend, that loves me more with each day, I’m thankful he pushes me to be my best self every single day and supports me along the way. I’m happy to share so many hobbies and passions with him. I’m thankful to be learning how to run a home and cook dinners together, and laugh at our lack of domesticity along the way. Adventuring life with B will always be exciting. old and new friends who inspire me daily, make me laugh, are encouraging and love me as much as I love them! All of the wonderful opportunities I’ve had this year and all of the people I’ve met along the way. The way my life changes constantly continues to thrill me and instills endless possibilities in my heart. Finding new ways to read empowering wise words to inspire my writing. My habit of journaling everyday, with daily grace and daily coffee. “GREAT LOVE LEAVES LITTLE DOUBT.” - Bob Goff