the cool boyfriends guide to gifts

the cool boyfriends birthday gift guide B’s birthday is just two weeks away! Most girlfriends would be scrambling to figure out what kind of gift would be most appreciated and loved from their boyfriends, but not this girlfriend. I never have to worry. Even when B and I were only friends I knew he had impeccable style and was very specialized about the items he liked. Simply holding a conversation with him exposed me to many wonderful brands, and he informs me on a daily basis.

Last spring he would strut into the shop a few times a week wearing his double-breasted navy blazer; he would carefully place his Clubmaster’s into his breast pocket (if their wasn’t a pocket square folded and tucked that day); and unpack multiple pens and notebooks to show the shop girls. It was one of these afternoons when he presented the Hi-Tec C during show-and-tell, which I instantly fell in love with and now use as my daily pen. After we started dating, my understanding for his style grew from being only about his well-tailored look and addiction to pens, into much broader categories.

I’ve learned most of the names of the raw demin, Horween leather goods, and obscurely named (and sometimes Japanese) pen and ink brands, but I still get lost in translation from time to time. Luckily, we are both honest about the items we’d love for our birthdays, so I never have to worry about gift-giving between us. The gift is always an item the other person already loves and will get a lot of use out of. B has already been enjoying his new Filson bag for a few weeks but here are a few more items that were in the running. I’d like to present what I call ‘the cool boyfriends guide to birthday gifts’.