the simple wrap

wrap2 gifWrap 2 finish Last week I shared how I’m wrapping my presents this year with a very shiny gold paint pen. However, I know that sometimes life gets in our way and all of the sudden Christmas is in two days, we have presents hidden all over the house, and so little time.

Don’t fret! Today I’m sharing another way I enjoy wrapping- the urgent and simple edition! This way you can quickly wrap the gifts before you have the people you love grabbing them to rip them open!

Wrap 2 materials For this wrap you’ll need:

Wrap2 steps1

Once my supplies are gathered, I usually put on a Christmas movie or Christmas playlist, like this 'merry happy' playlist I’ve made on Spotify, so I can sing and dance along while I wrap.

I used a green box for the gift so the green would show through the paper. Wrap the present with in two or three pieces of the white tissue paper. Use the doubled sided tape on the inside of the paper so the wrapping looks seamless. Write the gift receiver’s name on the tag with a metallic or colored marker for a pop of color. Next, have some fun by trying different combinations of twine and ribbon! I chose a yellow twine and a glittery gold ribbon! (Bonus: when you tie glitter ribbon, the glitter falls all over the present making it extra glittery.) I cut the ribbon and twine individually as I wrapped them around the gift, but made sure they were the same length. Add in your gift tag onto the twine, tie the ribbon and twine mix together at once, and then you’re done! Phew- onto the the next present.

Wrap 2 gif2 B and I are excited to enjoy our first holiday together, and in Austin. At first we were only going to decorate with a strand of lights, but thankfully we now have a tiny tree and a few other decorations to give our home a merry feeling. It’s been fun to talk about Christmas traditions and memories we have while making a few new ones together.

(If you’ve done either of my wrapping ideas for your own gifts this year, please tag me or shoot me an email! I’d love to see your work. I'm so appreciative for the wonderful feedback from my first wrap project!)