tiny supply mountain

coloregrace calligraphy supplies for February You may remember from last week’s post ‘enjoyable saturdays’ that B and I were expecting some calligraphy supply orders from Jet Pens and Paper & Ink Arts. Well, not only did we receive those two orders, but we made a Saturday afternoon trip to our favorite art store, Jerry’s Artarama, too! Needless to say, we’ve been having a lot of fun trying a lot of great supplies this week! Because B and I are both calligraphers and hand-letterers, we waffle between ordering/buying one of each item or ordering one for each of us. Typically, items we know we’ll both use regularly we’ll order two, like the nib holders and pads of marker paper. However, most other items, like nibs and special markers, we’ll order one of to test it out. Luckily, if we both end up loving it, we’re open to sharing. (insert heart-eyed emoji here)

So, what all is in this tiny mountain of supplies!?

coloregrace calligraphy supplies for February

Listed from top to bottom, left row to right row.

So far we’ve both enjoyed several items! We both like the new Ziller new holders because they feel nice and light in the hand and they helped the Zebra G nibs flex more than we’re use to. The black drawing paper is nice for testing out colors and the white ink, however it is a little too toothy. B’s new favorite nib is the New Horizon folded nib because he was able to experiment with a controlled but messy style he’s been trying.

Now, onto more practice, practice, practice!