Travel essentials

IMG_7284.JPG Good morning everyone!

This morning I packed up my things to visit Oklahoma City. It has been a couple of months, so I'm very excited to see my parents and get some good hugs in. Even though it's a very quick trip, I'd love to share some essentials I always carry for trips.

  1. A good little journal for tracking your thoughts when traveling.
  2. An inspiring book- like this one by Austin Kleon.
  3. My iPhone charger
  4. Earphones
  5. Writing tools- like a sharpie and a thin Hi Tec C.
  6. Orbit sweet mint gum, which is my favorite.
  7. Smith's Rosebud Salve
  8. A fresh coat of nail polish- I've been wearing this white for several weeks.
  9. A giant Smart Water.
  10. A good sturdy tote to keep it all together!


I always love to bring my utility jacket along for the ride. It's a light durable layer that is easy to throw on or carry. It's a neutral grey/olive color, which I love because it's easy to style with most of my clothes. I love pairing it with bright tops, like this one from Anthropologie. For me, jeans are always the best bet when traveling. I recently fell in love with my new jeans from Madewell. I can't stop wearing them!

Traveling always puts a spark in my heart for reflecting and truly being humbled by how blissful life can be. I'm learning to connect more happy days together by being intentional with my time and building momentum each day and it feels so good. Im able to accomplish more throughout the day, which makes me happier person. A lot of my travel time today will be spent writing and preparing for more upcoming posts. I'm ready to be productive!