Valentine's Garland GIVEAWAY

winthis I'm super excited to announce that I am hosting my first GIVEAWAY! I've been planning this for weeks so it feels good to finally get it out! I've been looking for a way to share my love of DIY projects with you, and February being the month of Valentine's seems like the perfect fit.


The specialness of Valentines day is it allows us to show our love a little more than usual to the people around us. A lot of women get depressed when they don't have that one person to share this romantic date night with, but that's not celebrating this holiday the right way! News flash: you can love everyone around you! Valentines doesn't need to be this depressing and lonely holiday for singles, you can choose to put on your best pink and red, you can dash yourself in glitter( because it's an appropriate holiday for it), and you can declare your love for everyone you know! Send out valentine's to every person in your class like you did in 1st grade. Share some laughs with your best girlfriends. Treat the person behind you in line to a free cup of coffee. Anything! Just get that love out there, people. The world really needs it right now.


This garland is made of FIVE different strings to show the ultimate display of love. I love the idea of having you win this garland and sharing it with a person you love this Valentine's day! Whether it's your boyfriend, your mom, your best friend, or maybe you just need to show yourself some love this year? (I've enjoyed seeing this in my room, maybe it will make you smile too!)


TO WIN this LOVELY garland, it's EASY!

  1. LIKE me on Facebook. I finally made my own page and could use your support!
  2. Leave a COMMENT on my Facebook page telling me who you Valentine is and why you love them so much that you're surprising them with this garland!

Please enter by Sunday February 9th by midnight. The winner will be chosen at random and announced Monday February 10th 2014 at 10 a.m.

(I will most likely be delivering this to you personally if you're in the OKC area, but I'm also willing to ship across the country, so don't be too shy to enter!)

Good luck to you!

Happy February! Start sharing the love!

(All photos were taken by Katelyn Swanson Photography. Check her out here!)


After picking a random number, Congratulations to Jessica Mayfield!

Thanks to everyone for making my first giveaway a success!