weekend in Austin

greetingsfromaustin1Hello hello! Over the weekend I conquered the 6.5 hour drive down to Austin for a little exploring. It was my first time to take a road-trip by myself, and I was so nervous, but I'm happy to report that I did great! The drive is actually very simple, yay! Once I got to Austin, I had time to kill and was lucky enough to find a Madewell store. Since I've always had to order online, I had to go in. After trying on a few items, I've come to the conclusion that most of their clothes are made for tall skinny ladies, not like myself, but I was happy to find this comfy grey dress! hopdoddybrewandbrewOver the weekend, we explored many lovely places and ate a lot of delicious food. Thursday night we had burgers and drinks at Hopdoddy. Friday I ventured out to find Wright Bros. Brew & Brew to sip coffee and do a little work. I found an Austin gem, Mockingbird Domestics, a local home good store. B and I were excited to find a giant art supply store in north Austin, where we found a few things we "needed". haha. It's dangerous when two calligraphers go to the art store together. mimosaI loved driving around and getting to know my way around Austin. I was so inspired by everyone walking around, having fun, and being themselves. Every one is so different but all commonly weird in their own way. There are so many places to go and things to see. Of course we will both have to get adjusted to the heat and humidity, but thankfully most places you walk into are heavily air-conditioned to cool you down. By Sunday morning while we were enjoying these lovely tiny mimosas at Hillside Pharmacy, I acknowledged the fact that every time we ate a meal I was telling Bruce that each place was my "new favorite". haha. I'll figure it out after months or maybe years of research.

It feels strange to know that I only have two weeks left in Oklahoma City. They're going to go by so fast. Now, I'm off to begin organizing and packing! Does any one have great packing tips?