welcome back

October-ketchup At the end of July, I was reading with B in our new Austin home when I was struck with this off the wall thought: take a break from blogging. I felt the need to step back and reevaluate why I started blogging, my intentions, and where my blog is going.

Before I moved, I felt like I was in control of my blog. I had just updated it, I had a small but working editorial calendar, I was truly happy with each post I was publishing, and I was loving the ability to work with Bruce as my photographer and sound-board. I felt genuinely happy and excited about it, and I felt like I was gaining some momentum. (Even if it was just with energy, not readers or number of followers.) Then, I got consumed in prepping for my move, with packing and soaking up every last minute with the people I love. Once I got here, I was in a whole other world of unpacking, organizing, and searching for a job.

After an entire month of searching, I was offered a job working for an Apple retail store. Things got much better after that! I had a reason to leave the apartment again, and an income! I was finally feeling worth something again, but this meant I still wasn't blogging. The balance between working and blogging was extra tricky because I felt so exhausted after working most days.

All of this led me to step back and do some soul searching. It took a long time to come around to feeling like myself again, but I am so thankful I am finally feeling motivated and passionate again. To be returning to blogging during my favorite month out of the year makes me that much more excited as well- HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY OCTOBER.

Since it has been two whole months of silence, I thought I'd share some things I've been up to:

  1. We found a beautiful succulent shop in East Austin and purchased a few little baby plants. The first month they were perfect, but I think Bruce had watered them too much maybe? and now the one in the photo ( my favorite) does not look too good. We're hoping she'll come back around.
  2. I am (still) playing around with ideas for business cards, and I am really loving lemons lately. I'm getting closer and closer to a complete brand.
  3. I am constantly drawing up little prints for Bruce, for our home, and for my shop coming soon!
  4. Collecting Copic and Prismacolor markers like I collected markers when I was young, only this time my colors are well curated and don't include Crayola brand.
  5. Working, working, working for Apple. It is such an amazing company and I am thrilled to be a part of the team. Plus I bought this sweet new iPhone 6 for myself.
  6. Like I said before, drawing and drawing more little prints.

I can't wait to share more!