we're moving to AUSTIN, TX!

austinheader Announcement! Bruce and I are moving to Austin, Texas! I'm extremely excited to be making my first big move, and I'll admit a little afraid too. It feels strange to me that I'm now old enough to move to another state without my parents. Growing up, I always dreamed of exploring and living in new cities, and I am grateful to get this chance. Since I've recently graduated I feel like this will be a wonderful opportunity for my career. I'm excited for all of the new opportunities I will have in Austin. That said, I'm extremely sad to be leaving my sweet shop-mom, Susan, who has always pushed me to follow my dream, and my shop-sister Sami, who is one of my best friends. They're the best bosses a shop-girl could ever ask for. Of course I'm going to miss my parents and all of my other sweet friends too. But, I'm seeing this as a the perfect chance to get all of my addresses up to date so I can send a lot of lovely snail-mail!

When Bruce asked me to move with him, my gut told me to go for it. So I am. Even in seconds when I doubt myself, I know I'm brave and I know how much I want this. I love him, and he loves me. I cannot wait to explore a new city with him and grow with him.

So readers, get ready for a lot of posts including but not limited to: moving highs and lows, apartment styling and restlying, Texas exploring, bohemian fashion, new yummy foods with Texas beer, us keeping Austin weird, new jobs and experiences, and a lot of new inspiration.

As of right now, we are planning to move in July. Yes, of course when it's getting really hot. EEK! It's only a month away! I'm really excited for this advernture!