Colore Grace 2015 2014 inspired and motivated me. For many reasons, I was consistently happy, and even happier when my happiness it glowed through my work. In the past several years, I had lost my ambition. I wandered through life unsure of my direction until about two years ago when I realized I just wanted to write and create. Blogging was a way to journal for about a year before I truly found my love for it.

The first three years of college I switched my major back and forth, searching for an outlet for my creativity. After my former “eat, sleep, dance” lifestyle, I was completely lost. Several days during my freshman year, I remember journaling and crying because I thought I would never be as fulfilled as I felt when I danced, but luckily I had friends, and other bloggers, to inspire and help guide me. As soon as I decided to go all in, I became a sponge for learning. Although it took time and a lot of patience, writing and creating content grew to consume me and fill my heart with more joy than ever.

Somewhere in the midst of juggling school, a part-time job, blogging, and being asked “what are your plans for after graduation?” I decided that I am a blogger, a writer, and nothing would stop me. Quickly, I grew tired of lying to people by saying, “Oh, I may look for a job at the local paper, but I’d love to write for a magazine.” I’d still love to write for a magazine someday, but for now I enjoy writing my own thoughts and my own stories for myself and for you that I can be proud of.

After deciding to be a blogger, I would sit at the coffee shop irritated because I knew I had to complete my schoolwork and attend class before I could focus all of my energy on my blogging passion. I impatiently wished the days would speed up so I could graduate and then throw myself into my work. I relentlessly dreamed, and now I am lucky to be living the dream.

I’ve been a blogger for three years now. After noticing my ‘bloggiversary’ notification a few weeks ago, I started thinking about my purpose. Without thinking too hard, I jotted down a few thoughts, but knew something this important needed more time and thought to develop. While hustling to complete projects before the new year, delirium set in after a productive evening of work and, of course, I broke down crying. After B did what he does best, encourage me and make me laugh, I began to clearly talk with him about my purpose.

This haven is where I confidently share my work as a calligrapher; how I make things; tell stories about beautiful people and businesses; talk about my lifestyle choices and sometimes my wardrobe choices too; and write words that have helped me grow. I’ve learned to accept that it will never be perfect, but I know for a fact I will never stop working hard to be proud of it. It will not always be easy, but with courage I want to challenge myself, take risks, conquer my fear of the unknown, and dream about future projects. My intention for this blog is to share my loves, thoughts, ideas, inspiration, fears, and lessons with you. With this, I hope to inspire you to create and share too.

I have dangerously struggled with self-confidence since middle school. I deemed my thoughts invaluable for a long time, and some days I still struggling to know I am enough. But with your support, in addition to a lot of self-discovery/help, I can proudly be myself. In the last few months, I’ve been grateful to have such overwhelming encouragement from you, my friends. Please accept this mighty big virtual hug to each of you! I am extremely pleased to write for you and know there is the possibility to inspire you in any way. This is what sets a bright fire in my heart and drives me to keep working. Although blogging is my still a side hustle, I hope to grow and share even bigger ideas with you in the future.

While I can think of a few minor habits I’d like to change or places I dream of traveling to with B in 2015, I want nothing more than this consistently, wholly happy heart I’ve gained from passionately working.

2014, you will forever be remembered as a life changing gem of a year, but I can’t wait for the adventures of 2015.