writing letters

2015-04-12-20150412-Capture0008 I'm pleased to say I have all of the addresses needed to complete the 30 days of letter writing challenge for the month of April. I've said it already, but thank you so much for your response to my blog post and my call for addresses. It is a delight to read the emails, but even more fun to address the letters and write my responses.  As of last night, I have 10 letters written and addressed, and I plan to keep working on them throughout the week. All letters should be in the mail by Friday, I hope. I'll be sure to post on Instagram when I officially send them out.

If you'd like to receive a letter, I'm still happy to send a few extras out. (It doesn't need to be only 30 letters, right?) Please read my post 'Write On' to learn more about sending me your address.

Are you doing the challenge too? I'd love to know who else is participating!

(Oh, if you like these 'thank you' cards, be sure to look for a special feature on them next week.)